Monday, March 10, 2008

Idol Brains

My hubby is a zoology professor. He had a bunch of high school students in his lab and thought he'd found the perfect topic to chat about. So he asked them if they were watching American Idol that night (because we love it)--and they weren't--they were all watching the American Primaries.

I thought it was pretty funny, especially as none of us can vote for any of them!!!

The singers in Idol are great this year. I like David Cook, Jason Castro, David Archuleta.

What about you guys--primaries or Idol?

PS. I keep up with the presidential nomination race on BBC World. I know what's going on baby!!!


  1. Hi Toni, See, I tracked you down! and I find you have a thing for Sean Bean...

  2. LOL Jen, I wasn't hiding!!! :) Sean is one of my heroes. And Eric Bana. Right now I'm using Henry Cavil :)

  3. I don't watch either. Is their a difference?

  4. Rene, that's funny :)

    Kim--I laughed although I'm not quite sure what message they were trying to send :)