Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring Break

Doesn't that sound like a holiday? Ha ha! The kids have a week off and the weather is slowly warming up. The snow has sunk into the ground by about a foot but if I look out the front everything is still white, as much ice as snow.

So we have lots of great stuff planned. Play-days, movies, haircuts, shopping. And then if I put on my other hat, writer, I'm doing edits on STORM WARNING, applying for a grant, I just finished Discovering Story Magic online course, and just started Tools for the Psychic Investigator. (I'm a little worried my baddy is drifting too much into the occult though. That'll freak out my dad). And I have some critting to do.

I also vowed to sort out closets this spring break.

So... Spring break is a little squeezed, but I do hope to bloghop later (a woman has to have some pleasures, right?). What are you doing this week?



  1. My kids' spring break was last week and we didn't do anything special (cuz I had to work), but this week, I'm planning to continue exercising, really watching what I eat, and start taking better care of myself. Oh, yeah, and some writing, too. hehe

  2. My kids have break next week. My folks have some plans for them, I'm not exactly sure what. This week is the same as normal.

  3. I'm working. :( No spring break for me. LOL A lot of my coworkers took the week off. Have fun!

  4. Since I homeschool, I don't give Spring Break when everyone else has it. I do give the kids 2 weeks off before starting the next school year.
    Have fun with all your activites!

  5. Work, work, work. Story of my life.

  6. We ended up having 3 weeks of spring break up here. A week for the Arctic Winter Games. A week for Spring Break and then a week for Easter. OH BOY. Can you say tired parents? ;)

    Hey Brandy! You homeschool too?