Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy May :)

So one day we're building flowerbeds, the next it is snowing--againnnnnnnnnnn.
I redid my website--I'd love for you to take a look :) WEBSITE

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  1. See this is what I mean. I clicked the link to your blog page and here I am commenting. And I'll be checking out your website.

    The internet is so addictive.

    Also, that sucks about the snow. It's supposed to be spring, right?

  2. Poor Toni. Where is spring??? Thank God we have it here.

  3. Good grief! Snow? Wow. We're supposed to hit a high of 80 degrees here today.

  4. Mel--spring somewhere :)

    Stacy, Melissa, it's warmer today--TG!!!