Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Too Much to do

I don't know what it is lately. I'm getting everything done except visiting blogs. I'm sorry.

I'm doing a lot of single parenting just now, and lots more to come over the summer months as DH is away for about 7 weeks total. That's part of it. It requires me to be one step ahead of myself in terms of organization--even now I'm thinking I should be making lunches for tomorrow and making up the dog's food, and finishing my taxes. So my day is far from done even now.

I'm on my 5th and final Daphne contest book--lots of good reads and one fabulous new author 'find'. I love that :)

Writing-wise I'm waiting to hear back from my agent regarding STORM and the proposal for ICEBREAKER. And I've been working through OUT OF TEARS with my improved knowledge. And sometime in May my editor at the Wild Rose Press will be getting back to me with edits. One thing about writing is you can sometimes see huge jumps in your skill as a writer. Part of that is how I write--way too many drafts (obviously I have a tiny brain), and some of it is growth as a writer (yay me :) .

I desperately want to see PS. I love you, and ATONEMENT. Needing some serious chickflicks in this house :)

Better do all my chores... LOL. What are you watching?

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  1. Aw, Adrian. Love those eyes of his. Just saw him in "The Devil Wears Prada". Yum.

    "P.S. I Love You" is lovely (or should I say Gerard and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are hot eye candy and definitely make the movie). "Atonement" was a little too cerebral for me, but I still liked it.

  2. Adrian is a model for the secondary character in OOT. In my story he's a very hot Brazilian who's addicted to sex (it isn't erotica, LOL, just my storyline). Beautiful man.

  3. I liked him in Devil Wears Prada, too.

    I'm trying not to watch anything, at the moment. Too much t.v. steals away my time!

    Atonement is a beautiful film - but it is not light at all.

  4. I just watched Juno and SuperSize Me. *g* Both were, um, interesting. *G*

  5. PS I Love You was a great movie. I was either laughing or crying all the way through. And love the pix of Adrian. I'm hardly watching any TV since the strike. Just Grey's and Lost and even those I have to tape and try to find time for. I keep forgetting to tape House. Argh! They changed it to Monday's and my vcr is set for Tues...gotta change that.

  6. I read 'PS I love you' a few months ago and really liked it, would love to see the film. Afraid I did not like the Atonement film (as usual the book was much better), down to personal preference but I thought the film could have told the same story in 30 mins rather than the 3hrs or whatever - let me know what you think...?