Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poison plants...

The other day I was given a whole bunch of cut flowers and plants for the garden. Then that night I was busy reading this book and realized many of the plants in my garden are highly toxic if eaten. There were my kids picking the flowers off Bleeding Hearts and I read 'all parts are poisonous'. So are the Honeysuckle (berries), sweet pea (all parts--this is a neurotoxin, I knew this--duh), lupins (all parts), Hyacinth (bulbs and fruits), Tiger Lily (Bulbs and fruit), Wild daffodil (Bulb and fruits), tulips (bulbs and fruits), paeony (all parts), columbine (all parts), clematis (all parts), & latana (dangerously poisonous fruits). That's just a quick list in my garden. The book has really good illustrations (pg 107-122)

I just thought I'd pass on the reminder to gardeners, parents, pet owners...JIC. Talk to your children about the potential dangers, and if your pet won't leave something alone, get rid of the plant.

I looked for a good reference website with decent photos but couldn't find anything--this was the best link.


  1. Toni, dont worry DH and his siblings sampled all these as kids and survived with no ill effects, I THINK.

  2. Wow, I never considered this before, but when you've got kids, especially really little ones, and pets around the plants, it's something to think about. The flowers do sound very pretty though.

  3. Pop--that explains a lot!!!!

    Stacy~ I think it is good to remind kids frequently. Their brains forget :)

  4. I'm always worried we will plant something posionous, so we end up planting trees. *G* The ASPCA has a link to posionous plants on their site as well.

  5. LOL at pop's comment. :)