Sunday, June 01, 2008


Being English I have a predisposition to talk about the weather. It is a cliched trait for a reason :) We are having lovely weather here. Sunny but not too hot. Lots of rain for the garden, but not too much for the bugs.

Me and the dog walked through a thunderstorm on Saturday. We were dripping wet and the only ones to stop at the church plant sale on the way home. The rain was warm as it dripped off my hair and soaked my jeans, and the dog's tail gave me a nice wet lashing every second and a half as we wandered home. Everyone else was huddled in doorways, but it was really rather nice out.

Aside from editing furiously, and re-exploring the plot of ICEBREAKER, and reading craft books, I have spent every spare moment of the last few weekends planting and weeding. We have about 3 million baby sycamore seedlings sprouting in the garden. I might be all for trees and the environment, but this is ridiculous. I have pulled about 1.5 million. Only another 1.5 million to go...


  1. Gorgeous flowers. It's finally spring here, been in the high 70's and sunny. Thank God.

    Have a great week Toni :)

  2. I love thunderstorms. And walking in the rain (when it's not lightning and there's no hail or tornado warnings like there is here!) is so much fun.

  3. Oh the tulip is beautiful. And while I wouldn't have been out walking in a thunderstorm, I do love the way they sound. *G*

  4. I love thunderstorms and rain too.

    Your tulip is beautiful!

  5. Love your photography, especially the close up. I like the rain too, but only if it's not cold and leaving you shivering and with pneumonia!!! I did the run for life in the rain the other week, I was drenched but easier to run in rain than blistering sunshine.
    Did you heed your mum's advise and have your wellies on - you never know if a bolt of lightning will strke!