Monday, July 28, 2008

Nothing much going on here...

I have two glorious weeks of writing coming up, after a month of having the kids home from school. I love them, but I can't write much when they're around, not anymore. RWA national is on and DH is away (again). Everything feels kind of quiet and focused and sane. Not quite sure why. It should be chaos but it isn't. I'm actually more organized when I'm parenting on my own. Not as happy, but I definitely get more accomplished. My husband brings a wonderful spontaneity to our lives that is inversely proportional to my organization.

Unfortunately, I tend to get into bad habits staying up late and reading when he's away. I'm reading DEAD SILENCE by Brenda Novak right now. The lady is awesomely talented.

And Henry Cavill is there to remind me of my poor beleagued hero who I am trying to twist up into an emotional pretzel. I think I might be too nice to my characters. I'm going to try harder to make them suffer even more than they do already. Maybe this is why I am feeling sane. I am taking out my psycho on my fictional friends, rather than the real ones. ;)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Big Knickers

I have a wedding tomorrow and I'm wearing the dress I wore to my wedding 11+ years ago. Not the white jobby, but a nice blue dress I had tailored to fit. Anyway, I tried it on the other day and it fits but I realized it was time to bite the bullet and do Bridget Jones proud. Being 40 is very liberating :D

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Desperate Measures

Almost a disaster today. I poured my tea time gin over two ice cubes and went down to the basement to get the tonic only to discover NO TONIC!!! I found a can of soda water in the fridge. It wasn't bad actually :) Crisis avoided.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life in the slow lane

I'm getting some balance between the kids having a good summer holiday and me doing a little writing/ researching/ plotting. The first week we all tore my hair out :) But the kids settled into the idea of relaxing and we've had a bunch of playdates to absorb some of that excess energy. My garden is looking GOOD!

Dh is going to be impressed when he gets back. Seven out of nine flowerbeds look fab, and the other two are controlled disasters where I spread some wildflower seed and then realized I don't know what is weed and what is flower. Ah well.

The mozzies are bad, but getting a little better. I have a friend who is a molecular researcher who works on mozzies. I keep asking him why he hasn't solved the whole mosquito biting thing yet. He says give him $10 million and he'll make it go away. $10 million doesn't sound so much if you ask me... Donations taken here...

And one of the saddest things I've been doing is researching diabetes. I'm reading a fantastic book called 'Cheating Destiny' by James Hirsch. Well written, informative and emotive. I have to admit to being in the dumb majority who assume diabetes is almost cured with insulin whereas now I realize it is only managed. I hadn't even realized type-1 was an autoimmune disease until I read this book. The book outlines research advances and frustrations, gives insights into the medical industry, looks at scientists as individuals, and outlines where funding policies gets in the way of doing actual research. It also talks about people living with the disease--adults and children--and their strengths and personal demons. I can't imagine what parents go through when they first learn about the disease, to take on all the information in one big swallow, while dealing with the reality of glucose monitoring and insulin injections (and whose kid likes needles?) and calculating every little thing their child eats, and weighing it against how active the kids are being and trying to balance that with the changing needs of a growing body. Throw in childhood illness, school, puberty. The pressures must be enormous.

Just thought I'd mention it.

The rates of diabetes (1 & 2) are skyrocketing. Information and support and high-fives for a job well done should be the norm. Don't contribute to the myth that the patients themselves are to blame for getting the disease. Type-2 has contributing factors, but again, information, support and encouragement are needed to help people control this disease. And let's work for a cure.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Wimbledon 2008

Today I watched one of the best tennis matches I have ever seen in my life. And I've been watching Wimbledon since I was a tot being looked after by my granny in the summer holidays. (Thinking about it, my gran also watched the snooker, darts, wrestling, and the only things she wasn't interested in were the horse racing, cricket and footy--which coincidentally were my grandad's favorite sports. But I digress).

Rafael Nadal won the first two sets without much trouble. Then, clawing his way back into the match, Roger Federer won the next two sets and they were neck and neck through the following fourteen games before Nadal finally won the last two games. It was incredible. Both players put every ounce of heart and skill into the match and I could barely stand for one of them to lose. They played for 4-hours and 48-minutes with two mid-match rain delays, (Hello London), the longest men's single final on record. It was absolutely brilliant :)

And on Saturday the gracious Venus beat her little sister Serena. Another good match and it was really sweet to see the family interaction. I thought Venus showed a huge amount of maturity and poise. The sisters went on to win the women's doubles championship.

I guess the next tennis I'll watch will be the Olympics (after the US Open). Cool :)

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Murray vs Nadal

I have always liked Nadal, but tomorrow I'll be screaming my head off for Andy Murray. Who says Brits are crazy? :)

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Benny Boy :)

Nine today :) Happy birthday Penny and Rufus too :)

Nine years ago today the pups were born, I started work in Stirling and I'd just found out I was pregnant with DD. Amazing how life can change.

And ...

Happy Birthday, Canada