Monday, July 28, 2008

Nothing much going on here...

I have two glorious weeks of writing coming up, after a month of having the kids home from school. I love them, but I can't write much when they're around, not anymore. RWA national is on and DH is away (again). Everything feels kind of quiet and focused and sane. Not quite sure why. It should be chaos but it isn't. I'm actually more organized when I'm parenting on my own. Not as happy, but I definitely get more accomplished. My husband brings a wonderful spontaneity to our lives that is inversely proportional to my organization.

Unfortunately, I tend to get into bad habits staying up late and reading when he's away. I'm reading DEAD SILENCE by Brenda Novak right now. The lady is awesomely talented.

And Henry Cavill is there to remind me of my poor beleagued hero who I am trying to twist up into an emotional pretzel. I think I might be too nice to my characters. I'm going to try harder to make them suffer even more than they do already. Maybe this is why I am feeling sane. I am taking out my psycho on my fictional friends, rather than the real ones. ;)


  1. Whenever I'm alone with my children, it goes very smoothly. My youngest son knows he can't manipulate me like he can my wife.

  2. Things are always smoother at my house when hubby is there. I think it's because the stepsons know that dad is home and they can't manipulate the stepmom!

  3. Enjoy Henry while the dh is away ;)

    Off to RWA in the morning. Wish you were going so I could meet you in person. Maybe some other year?

  4. I fall into the bad habit of not sleeping when my husband has to travel too. I don't know why but I'm up all hours of the night!

  5. Good luck with your sanity. :)

  6. Scott-you're my hero :)
    Melissa, you don't strike me as a soft touch :) I'm so sorry about your puppy.

    Stacy--you bet! Next year I hope to go. See you there?

    Katie--it's not good if you have to get up early the next day (and right now I do :( LOL). But otherwise I like it.

    Lee--ooo, you hit the heart of the matter. Right now the luck is holding. I guess if it fails there are always drugs--or gin :)

  7. Oooh, I keep meaning to try Brenda Novak. Now I will for sure.

    Did you bid on anything when she had her auction? I had my eye on a couple of critiques from editors but they went out of my price range!

  8. I have to admit, things run better around here without the hubs at home during the day. His very presence seems to upset our day. *g*