Monday, August 18, 2008

Been Camping

Longbow Lake

Rushing River Provincial Park, OntarioRushing River--Granite Knoll Hike
Beaver Pond Trail

Sorry I've been absent. We went on a short camping trip that turned into a much longer camping trip due to the fantastic weather we've been having. Canada is an amazing country. Last year we headed west and hit the badlands and Rockies. This year we headed a couple of hours east and hit the Canadian Shield. 2.6 billion-year-old rock. The landscape is completely different to the flat landscape of Winnipeg. Flat flat flat here. I find it quite oppressive actually :)

But Longbow Lake and Rushing River Provincial Park are beautiful places to hang out and swim in the lake/river. I caught a crayfish, the kids caught a couple of leeches ;P The dog hung out and DH was chief cook and bottle washer. No bears. It was all good :)

And look what was waiting for us when we got home? Courgettes the size of marrows :)

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  1. Wow, those are some gorgeous views. No wonder you ended up camping for longer - too breathtaking to walk away from.

  2. Fantastic pictures, Toni. Thank you for sharing. I may be over there next year ...

  3. Love your pictures.

    I'd like to go camping but then I'd have to rough it. I think I'll just stick with your pictures.

  4. Those pictures are gorgeous! I don't blame you for staying! *G*
    You call those courgettes? Pretty squash! *G*

  5. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

  6. So courgettes, zucchini and squash are all the same thing? :) I thought it was just the yellow ones that were squash. You learn something new everyday!

  7. Beautiful pictures, Toni. I love Canada's landscapes!

    And I call what you call a courgette a zucchini. :)

  8. Gorgeous pics, and btw, I've tagged you, so head over to my blog and find out what you have to do! :)

  9. heheheheheh...someone who's 252 years old must have *plenty* of quirks to tell! :)

    I'm going to spend most of tomorrow finishing up SW, as Paul has mucho-work and I'll be able to concentrate all day. :) It's a *wonderful* story!

    Re camping: I love it, but at my tender age now require a site with a *real* toilet, and an air mattress under my cranky bones. lol1

  10. LOL Laurie, last I checked the age was right. I'm not changing that though. I feel like a vampire ;)

    Thanks for doing the reading. I appreciate it. And as for the camping I had a thermarest and the loos were just down the hill. Not that I necessarily made it there every time, but what happens in camping stay in camping--right??