Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Beijing Olympics

I have been meaning to blog again about the Olympics, but every time I do something amazing happens. First Michael Phelps--8 gold medals. How incredible is that? I loved the relationship he has with his mom and sisters. I'm a little daunted by his competitiveness, but I guess that's why he has 8 golds and I don't. Then the gymnastics, and holy crap if those Chinese girls are 16, I'm 60 LOL. But even so, they are incredible.

And then Usain Bolt. What an amazing feat? Three world records. And all that energy? How could you ask him to contain that? And what the heck is he going to do now?

And the diving, the running, the cycling, the volleyball, the BMX, the boxing, the triathlon... it just goes on and on and on.

The main reason I love the Olympics are the personal stories. Like the 33 year old Russian gymnast who moved to Germany so her son could get treatment for leukemia. She got a bronze. The US swimmer who competed despite having testicular cancer. The long distance swimmer who is an amputee. So many individual stories that move me.

And on a note of national pride GREAT BRITAIN got (to date) 47 medals. 19 Gold, 13 Silver, 15 Bronze. The other GB competitors also put in a brilliant show and I hope that sport grows in GB, no matter the medal count in the next summer games.

Chris Hoy won 3 golds in cycling, and Ben Ainslee won gold for the third consecutive Olympics in Finn class sailing. As close to perfect as you can get.

Canada have 18 medals. An excellent count and great inspiration for the winter games in 2010.

I'm sorry it is almost over. Then it is the para Olympics :)

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