Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am moving from my home here on blogger to a new site. Please update your links, I'd hate to lose your friendship :) I have most of you on RSS feeds, but will go around and make sure you have my new address


And check out the photo section :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Brilliante Weblog Award

Here's the rules:

1. The Award may be displayed on a winners blog.
2. Add a link to the person who you received the Award from so anyone can backtrack.
3. Nominate up to seven other blogs.
4. Add their links to your blog post.
5. Add a message in the comments section of each winners' blog that you've passed on the Award to them.

I'm honored to be awarded this by fellow Kiss of Death writer and friend, Laurie Wood on her informative blog WRITING ON THE EDGE.

Firstly, I need to apologize because blogger won't let me change the color of the hyperlinks so I'll put the link next to the blog name. Also nowadays I use Google Reader and don't always comment on blogs, but generally I'm around. So here goes. Just some of the blogs I read on a regular basis, the others know who you are :)

GROSVENOR SQUARE (link)--Melissa is a fellow writer and has interesting thoughts on the writing process and the ups and downs of life in general.

STACY'S PLACE ON EARTH (link)--Stacy seems to have almost exactly the same taste I do, except hers is better. Love reading about what she's reading, watching and thinking.

TESS GERRITSEN'S BLOG (link)--Tess gives us an insider view into the world of a successful author. I admire her very much.

ARGH INK (link)--Jennifer Crusie. Do I need a reason?

MURDERATI (link)--This is a great blog for writers and readers. Sometimes it is like they pull the thoughts from my head.

LORETH ANNE WHITE (link)--well aside from being one of my best friends, I love seeing where Loreth lives in the Canadian Rockies. Beautiful country.

IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT (link)--Kelly Boyce is another writer working hard toward publication. I'm looking forward to seeing her 'Paris' photos :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Again man's environmental impact comes under fire in this beautiful and moving picture about the decimation of shark populations in a world where no one seems to care. This picture gives you all the reasons you should care, including your own survival.

This movie goes perfectly with a BBC here

Surprisingly Britain is the fourth largest shark fishing nation in Europe and there could be shark in your humble fish and chips.

Difficult climate

Much of the time and attention of environment officials in Brussels and London - and in other capitals - is now taken up with climate change.

Some conservationists fear other important issues are being sidelined - a position which Ted Danson regrets.

"Let's say - cross our fingers - that we solve the problem with global warming; by the time we do that, it's quite conceivable that we've fished out our oceans," he said.

"I don't think you can compartmentalise any more, you need to handle all these problems simultaneously."

Something to think about.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some good kids movies I watched this summer--no spoilers

This is worth watching for Prince Caspian himself :) an actor called Ben Barnes. The story follows Disney's Narnia and is very well made.

Nothing unexpected, but a good romp

This was a nice movie. Nothing amazing just a good flick for a rainy afternoon.

This story combines ancient legend, the modern day Loch Ness Monster legend and World War II history. A really gorgeous and lovely story that I would highly recommend.

Set in South Africa this is a beautiful story full of life's lessons and unexpected twists. Gorgeous.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This made me laugh. I am English BTW.

I saw some hoo-haa about the Americans getting England and Britain mixed up before Andy Murray (Scot & Brit) played Federer in the US Open. It happens all the time. I figure while it is insulting for British newscasters to get it wrong, it isn't that surprising that north Americans get confused in the heat of the moment.

Anyhoo--I lived in Scotland for 12 years so there isn't anything I haven't heard about the English but I thought this was pretty funny. From my friend Ally.

Hardy scots...

People in Southern England turn on the central heating
People in Edinburgh plant out bedding plants

Southerners shiver uncontrollably
Glaswegians sunbathe on the beach at Largs

Cars in the South of England refuse to start
People in Falkirk drive with their windows down

Southerners wear overcoats, gloves and woolly hats
Aberdonian men throw on a t-shirt; girls start wearing mini-skirts

Southerners begin to evacuate to the continent
People from Dundee swim in the River Tay at Broughty Ferry

Life in the South grinds to a halt
Inverness folk have the last BBQ before it gets cold

Life in the South ceases to exist
People in Dunfermline throw on a light jacket

Polar bears wonder if it's worth carrying on
Boy Scouts in Oban start wearing their long trousers

Santa Claus abandons North Pole
People in Stirling put on their 'long johns'

Alcohol freezes
Glaswegians get upset because all the pubs are shut

Microbial life starts to disappear
The cows in Dumfriesshire complain about farmers with cold hands

All atomic motion stops
Shetlanders stamp their feet and blow on their hands

Hell freezes over
Scotland will support England in the World cup

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Release Date

I have the release dates for HER SANCTUARY.
19th December 2008--ebook
20th March 2009--Print

Running for her life, ex-FBI agent Elizabeth Ward escapes to Montana with a new identity. She craves peace and solitude, but instead finds handsome rancher Nat Sullivan.

Nat is trying to hold his ailing family together, while struggling to keep the ranch from bankruptcy. The last thing he needs is a beautiful stranger reminding him there is more to life than work.

But Elizabeth isn't what she seems. And when a murderer and rapist track her down to the remote ranch, they all find out about the power of revenge.

Revenge or Redemption...Which would you choose?