Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer and writing

Like the rest of the world we've had a weird summer. Usually the prairies are hot and dry, but this year it felt more like a (fairly good) British summer with lots of rain showers. It's been great writing weather, but now the temp's shot up to +30C with high humidity and lots of thunderstorms. Hot and sweaty and I'm grateful we have a fabulous neighbor with her own pool :)

The summer has flown by. We've filled it with trips (DH, to Scotland; me, to D.C.), walks, swims, library, play days, beach, reading, DS and Bear Grylls (we have just discovered MAN VS. WILD and love it). Oh--And I've done LOADS of writing and editing. Need to think about my future direction/plan over the next few days. To date, I have written 5 full length manuscripts and 2 category length stories, plus 2 partials, and, damn, I'd like to sell a couple more of them. It would be nice to start contributing to the family funds again.

We're going home (UK) for Christmas and plan to spend 3 months in France (I don't speak French but the kids do so I figure they will earn lots of brownie points with interpreting skills). Then we have 3 months of either Australia or Vancouver Island. So there's lots to organize for that. DH is on sabbatical. He's had a crap year with his workplace fire and he probably won't be back in his office/lab for at least another year. That whole situation sucks, but the sabbatical will be fantastic and brilliant inspiration for more stories (which won't get bought b/c of foreign setting (*rolls eyes at self* I'm not a cynic, honest :)).

Another 3 weeks and the kids will be back at school. But we've got a birthday party and a camping trip between now and then, lots of exciting things to explore :)

Have fun.X

PS. In that picture of the White House--if you zoom in--don't you think that could be Barack and Michelle striding to the black SUV?

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