Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The heating finally went on yesterday, but without the awful feeling of impending doom. September was beautiful and the leaves are only just turning to gold. I am hoping to stretch the late fall as far as possible. I have this little internal bet that I don't get to experience the joys of anything below -30C before we head to Europe in December.

We're going home for Christmas and it will be the first time we've seen my side of the family in more than 3 years. I start to tear up just thinking about it. We have 4 new babies to meet! My grandad is looking forward to our trip 'if God spares him'. Which he's been saying for as long as I remember so I can only hope. So it is Christmas in England, Scotland for New Year and then to France for 3 months. (My husband is on sabbatical and planning to do some collaboration in a lab there).

After that we are a little unplanned. Visiting relatives, friends, maybe other research labs? Eating Walker's Crisps and my mother's gigantic Sunday lunches? And after we get back to Canada and pick up the dog (if God spares him :) we're heading out west for a month's research at another marine lab on Vancouver Island. More friends to catch up with and beautiful places to visit.

Of course, all this craziness requires careful planning and I am trying to write a book here. Better get on.

Any grand plans for the rest of you...?


  1. Oh wow - Christmas in England. How fabulous would that be! I'm excited for you (and envious!!).


    Kids' sports is so dominating, it keeps us tied to the homefront. We have soccer right now which could go into January and if daughter makes the "select" team, it could keep going into spring. She is also playing baseball but that ends in November. But then basketball starts and that goes into spring. In February, spring baseball starts so I will be juggling again. No time to go anywhere. Wish I could go with you.