Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Even with the kids home I've been working all summer and I found my groove. But I've had plenty of rejection--enough to hurt (yeah, I know 'it isn't personal'--like a thousand paper cuts :). I've also had compliments about my writing from people I respect in the industry and that is a wonderful counterbalance.

But now I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I have 3 full single title manuscripts so I'm looking for another agent/or publisher and I'm going to try writing another category (next person who tells me there's a formula to those babies I'm going to stuff--dead or alive--into my smallest suitcase and mail to Churchill, Manitoba, for the polar bears to chew on).

And I think I've found my voice, it took a while and working with my former agent was both a blessing and a curse. I learned a lot. But there were drawbacks.

I'm over the drawbacks :)

Kids go back to school tomorrow. I have a hell of a lot to do by Christmas because we're going to Europe for 6 months. I'll have my laptop and I will write, but I don't know the circumstances so I want to get as much done here as possible.

Chow :)


  1. I hate when someone says there's a formula. The only formula is there's a beginning, middle and end. I'm all for sending them to the polar bears.