Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mistletoe and Murder

 One minute, probation officer Mallory Larsen is handing out hand-knitted Christmas gifts. The next, there's a gun at her head—and a bomb exploding. Fellow probation officer Shamus Burke saves her life, and she'll be sure to thank him for it…once she gets his assistance again. A girl's life depends on Mallory, and no one but Shamus can help her do what needs to be done. As the threats against Mallory escalate, she shows Shamus she won't back down on saving anyone—including him. But now someone's dead set on stopping them both from ever celebrating Christmas together.

I just bought this as a Christmas present for my grandad.  I don't generally read inspirational novels, but Florence Case recently died and it made me feel so sad for her and her family that she didn't see this book on the shelves.   So I bought it and figured grandad would get a kick out of a little romance.  Rest in peace, Florence.  By all accounts she was a lovely lady. 

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