Thursday, November 19, 2009

My New BFF

I got a little snapshot of my life in January through March the other day.  I sat with the contract for our French house in one hand and my little French disctionary in the other. 

I'm pretty sure we have a cooker, fridge, bathtub, shower, washing machine (lave-linge particulier), tumble dryer, TV (hah), an iron and ironing board (always useful), two different types of toilet (we will be in France after all), a small garden and terrace.  Best of all we are only 2 km from the sea. 

The kids have longer days at school, 8.45 am-4.30 pm, but an hour and a half for lunch.  Not sure if they are supposed to come home then or not.  Will be tricky juggling everything, but exciting too.  My French is terrible, I'm going to rely on the French peoples' goodwill and friendliness and my new BFF and the kids.  If that fails I'll have to start wearing makeup again and flutter my lashes in confusion.  Shouldn't be difficult. The confusion part that is.

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