Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Six Weeks and Counting

Things are coming together for our trip to Brest. We have a renter for our house, which is fantastic but requires a furious house and yard cleaning spree, plus a massive sort out of all the cupboards (ARGH). We might have found somewhere to live in France. I'm not sure whether it has internet (pray for me), but it is small and sweet and made of old stone and set in rural France. I would certainly get LOTS of writing done, in between driving everyone to school and work :)

School is pretty much sorted out. Pretty much. My daughter speaks French and is smart enough to know that as my main translator she can get away with anything. :) I'm smart enough to know it'll be worth it.

We haven't really sorted out logistics--aside from flying to the UK in time for Christmas. My dad said he'd pick us up from Heathrow, which is a huge help (thanks dad :). Then from Shropshire to Scotland (train maybe) on Boxing Day and make our way south after the effects of Hogmanay have worn off (in Granny Jean's car--thanks Granny!).

Anyone know the best way to get a car to Northwest France? Is it the Channel Tunnel or one of the Ferries to Brittany?

So, only forwarding of mail, banking, utilities, packing (family of 4 for 5 months in two suitcases? Think I can do it?), dog's ongoing vet treatment and all his food, one last remaining fish to rehouse, insurance (house, medical, car), taxes, webcam, and last minute tidying up and removal of all personal items from living space to do.

Oh. And Christmas...

Oh, God. I've overwhelmed myself. That isn't even including the day job--my writing...and the problem of how I'm going to squeeze in all those paperbacks. Crikey, all my hair just fell out :)


  1. Yeah, very overwhelming but so exciting and so worth it.

  2. Either the Chunnel or ferry/hovercraft will get you there.