Sunday, December 27, 2009

A quick update.

So far we have caught up with...Mom, Dad, Lily, Ian, Gemma, Lou, Jen, Megan, Davy, Julie, Paul, Lauren, Grandad, Carl, Sean, Lindz, Chloe, Lewis, Eileen, Stef, Jaz, Andy, Duncan, Jared, Jenna, Deb, Ross, Scott, Stuart, Lol, Molly, Joan, Nora, Graham, Jan, David, Sarah, Chloe, Stuart, Jill, Hollie, Ben, Rory, Val, Alan, mom (in law), dad (in law), Jill, Carl, Chloe, Kieran.

51 relatives and friends in two weeks.  It has been amazing :) 

The snow is thick and wet up in Scotland, the sun cast out by cloud.  Of course, we didn't pack all the snow gear and will have to make do with borrowed wellies :)

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  1. I just saw something on another blog that makes me wonder if you have some news to share ?????