Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Great End to 2009

This year has been pretty tough for this Anderson family. I parted from my agent (amicable but agonizing), my husband's workplace was decimated by fire (it will be at least 2 years until he gets back to where he was last year), and our beloved dog died.

The last six months have been spent getting our big trip to Europe sorted and our house in Canada ready for renting. Hubby has been working like a dog trying to get everything organized at work so he can leave for 6 months. Working 5 am-11 pm for almost 2 months with a total of 3 days off, the holidays have hit him with every bug a transatlantic flight and numerous small children can throw at him. Poor baby.

The year, on paper, has been crap.  And yet...

And yet, I'm happy. Not just happy that we're escaping the crazy Winnipeg winter by coming home to Europe (the irony of all this snow is not lost on me). But happy I got to hold my book (HER SANCTUARY) in my hands. Happy I received all sorts of wonderful responses from people I did not expect to enjoy a 'romance' novel. And absolutely thrilled I got to go to Washington DC and tour the White House.

I've written lots and received some encouraging feedback from editors and then, on Christmas Eve, I was offered a contract by CARINA PRESS for a story (OUT OF TEARS) that I wrote about a marine biologist in the Gatty Marine Lab (where I did my PhD, years ago). So the end of 2009 is proving pretty damn good. Here I am, seeing my family for the first time in over 3 years, with nothing to do for the next 4 months but explore France and write.  With my health (touch wood) and my beautiful children and fantastic husband.

The picture on the left is my dog Benn's litter mate Rufus. There were 4 black pups and 2 golden. So it's great to see my dog's family alive and well.

And I get to spend Hogmanay in Scotland.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR when it comes to your corner of the world :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A quick update.

So far we have caught up with...Mom, Dad, Lily, Ian, Gemma, Lou, Jen, Megan, Davy, Julie, Paul, Lauren, Grandad, Carl, Sean, Lindz, Chloe, Lewis, Eileen, Stef, Jaz, Andy, Duncan, Jared, Jenna, Deb, Ross, Scott, Stuart, Lol, Molly, Joan, Nora, Graham, Jan, David, Sarah, Chloe, Stuart, Jill, Hollie, Ben, Rory, Val, Alan, mom (in law), dad (in law), Jill, Carl, Chloe, Kieran.

51 relatives and friends in two weeks.  It has been amazing :) 

The snow is thick and wet up in Scotland, the sun cast out by cloud.  Of course, we didn't pack all the snow gear and will have to make do with borrowed wellies :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Christmas

I really miss seeing proper robins and today we went to Blists Hill Museum (a victorian town recreation), and we saw this fellow.  Isn't he adorable?  When I was at university, I spent all my holidays working for the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, but that was 20 years ago now.  Half a life time.  Excuse any typos.  My mother has a sticky keyboard LOL.  If I don't get around to personally wishing you a happy Christmas/holiday in the next few days, well, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

All Saints Church

Yesterday, I went to the church where my husband and I got married.  It was so good to see it.  I met the vicar, who didn't recognize me :) It is starting to feel like Christmas.

Monday, December 14, 2009

On my way...

I have 90 minutes before I leave for the airport. Wish me luck.  Me and the kids fly today and DH follows later in the week.  OMG it is so cold here!!  Still a few jobs to do so won't post a long blog but I wanted to wish everyone Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays. 

Will check in from Shropshire!!!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Things are getting a little crazy around here.  Not only the dramatic drop in temperature (-32C today), not only packing, cleaning house for tenant, Christmas parties and sad (if temporary) farewells, but the kids have been ratcheted up to about 10,000 on the excitement meter.  They aren't even thinking Christmas, yet, it is all about our trip.  Hard to believe in less than 1 month we'll be in France!  In exactly 1 week I'll be in Shropshire with my family who I haven't seen in over 3 years and just after Christmas we'll be back in bonny Scotland with the inlaws.  And Scotland always feels more like home than anywhere else I've ever been.  I guess I lived there for 12 years and loved every minute.

DH can't understand why I'm packing so many shoes.  What is it about men that they don't understand shoes have to match an outfit?  That wearing hiking boots with skirts just doesn't work?  Sheesh. 

So, we're running down all the supplies in the house at a time where we are normally stocking up. We have no decorations up.  On the alcohol front, the gin's gone, the Bailey's gone.  There is Vodka (which I can't drink) and some Drambuie (thank God).  There's no baking.  No mince pies. 

Christmas is on hold until we get back home. 

I kind of like it. 

Friday, December 04, 2009

Another Parenting Moment.

So.  We are in Canadian Tire and we see this HUGE inflatable Santa on display and as he leans forward, his draws fall down at the back and you see 'HO HO HO' written on his underpants.

So.  My son legs it around the front and says at the top of his piping very-excited seven-year-old's voice.  "I wanna see his penis."