Friday, March 26, 2010

Cote de Granit Rose

We're counting down the number of days we have left in Plougastel.  I'm feeling very sad :(  I'd forgotten to post my pictures from the Cote de Granit Rose.  The most dramatic stretch (I have on the authority of someone who was born there) is the stretch between Perros-Guirec and Ploumanac'h (rechristened Bloomin' Eck by the kids).  The pink granite coastline has been eroded and shaped into wonderful rock formations.  Obviolously we've been watching too much Bear Grylls because we somehow missed the path and ended up clambering over massive boulders and along eroded, two-inch wide sandy trails that listed over sheer twenty foot cliffs.  No worries.  Hah!  Needless to say I don't have any photos to post of those places, I was holding onto the hands of my poor babies (you can guess hubby was leading this expedition, right?)  Anyway, some photos....

Above is the tiny Chateau du Diable, isolated out on a point.  Quo Vardis was written there in the 19th century.  I am quite sure I could write a novel or two there, assuming I could tear my gaze from the sea.

Can you see the bullet holes in the back of this chapel?  There are constant reminders of the two World Wars everywhere on the Brittany coast.  It feels like it happened yesterday.  In the village where we stay the houses are completely blacked out at night.  People here use shutters to keep out the cold and unwelcome eyes, but the effect is one of complete and utter darkness.  No streetlights.  Black, black, black, as if waiting for the bombers.

This bridge led to the lighthouse
and below are the steps from the lighthouse to the sea--like a smugglers paradise.  The Brittany Coast was a Wreckers Coast not so long ago. 

Another great day out.  I feel like Wallace (and Gromit).  On a horrid note I found two horrible beetles(?) in the cottage.  I'm wondering what French cockroaches look like.  Even the thought makes me ill--I am such a wimp!!


  1. Toni your blogs from Brittany have been absolutely fabulous as have the pictures, you must be sad to be leaving soon. Would love to live there.

  2. maybe Gary could get a posting there..then you can keep your sea vistas and we can get to visit more often??!! Mini xox