Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Foret de Huelgoat--Ancient Forest

For once we headed inland on our weekend explorations, away from the sea.  That doesn't mean we didn't find water in the form of a lake that fed this river...
which in turn led to a stream...

which disappeared beneath these boulders...

We could hear the water gushing beneath our feet.  And--a little scary--there were holes through the boulders you could fall through (and get trapped and die--repeat repeat repeat to children until they appreciate the danger--or is that just me?).  And then we followed the quiet trails through these ancient woods that are said to have stretched all across Brittany in prehistoric times.  It was incredibly peaceful.  But strange too.  Because within the woods are these enormous boulders that have just been magically dumped.

Many are the size of houses, worn smooth by millions of years of wind and water.  Inside the forest is Camp d'Arthus, a Gallo-Roman hillfort in the style of Astrix the Gaul, but it got a little smashed by a hurricane.  We visited the Grotte du Diable (Devil's Cave) and Roche Tremblante (trembling rock) and Champignon (the mushroom).  We sang 'We Are the Champignons' all the way up the hill :)
Descent in the Devil's Cave...
So, another beautiful day out. 
In our three months here, we have not even begun to run out of new and gorgeous places to visit.  I have noted, however, that rock forms the basis of every single one :) 
Only two weekends left here--including this one!!!


  1. I am loving all the pictures you're posting!! It makes me want to move over there too. LOL And it makes me miss Germany.

    Are you guys planning to visit Mont St Michel? That's a really cool place. :P

  2. I'd love to visit Germany!

    And we are going to Mont St Michel the first week in April. And the Normandy Beaches and Bayeax. Can't wait :)

  3. I went to all those places on a high school field trip. You're going to enjoy it!

  4. Enjoying all the travel pics ... can't help wondering where all the people are?

  5. No people here, Loreth :) Just us ;)

  6. I hope you enjoy every second of it!