Friday, May 07, 2010

Anstruther and Cellardyke

Did I mention that not only do I have SEA OF SUSPICION coming out with Carina Press, I was also offered another contract for another book set in Fife called STORM WARNING (working title).  The great thing about that story is it is set in the town where DH & I bought our first house and had our babies and puppies :)

This is the old terrace where we lived--and where in my book a terrible murder takes place!
This is Cellardyke Harbor that they've finally finished restoring. 
This is the beach where we used to walk the dogs and where my heroine finds a body.

in this very rock pool....
And these are the sorts of doors from walled gardens that sit right on the beach...I want one :)

And we got a tour of the Lifeboat which features heavily in the story too. 

And a famous view of Anstruther harbor below.  I really miss living in that town!!!! 

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!  Monday 10th May.  Check out Carina Press blog or facebook or twitter and leave a comment on each and enter chance to win copies of SEA OF SUSPICION.  They are doing this for one author everyday in the run up to launch and Monday 10th is my day :)  Please comment :)


  1. Great photos. Since I love almost all things Scottish, you know I smiled through them all. How lucky you could live in a place as beautiful as this.

    Good luck with your stories!!

  2. Paisley--you are ABSOLUTELY right!!! And thank you :)

  3. Nice pics, Toni. Not an area I've visited since I usually head off to the west coast, up towards Ullapool, but good to see them.

  4. Thanks, Jen. I love the west coast too :)