Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shrewsbury--a Medieval town

This week we went for a wander in Shrewsbury in the heart of Shropshire. It is one of my favourite towns because it has lots of gorgeous little shops and hundreds (660) listed buildings. When I was a teenager me and my friend, Deb, used to get the train here and there was this little coffee-shop that did the most amazing creamy hot chocolates ever. Ruined me for life :)

My dad used to get the train with his canoe and paddle back down the Severn to Ironbridge. It sounds like a really nice thing to do :) Shrewsbury was the site of the famous battle of Henry IV in Shakespeare's play Henry IV part 1, Act 5. And as he got an arrow in the face during the battle it was nearly the last act. Using methods that today's surgeons might learn from the King survived and won the day. It was also where Charles Darwin was born and a host of famous people attended Shrewsbury School from Michael Palin, John Peel, to Willie Rushton.
If you zoom in you can read the plaque?  I think it says, "Ye Ancient House in which King Henry 7th Loged when he went to Bosworth field ??? 1485.  So that was during the British Civil war. 
My favourite shop!!!  The sweet shop :)

This is where we had that hot chocolate all those years ago :)

It was a great reminder of how beautiful Shropshire is :)


  1. Shrewsbury looks the way I imagine England should look--I'm a bit embarrassed by how Disneylandish my imagination is--all timbered buildings and green. Ye Olde World. Lovely photos, Toni.

  2. Thanks, Jenny--it is lovely and the Severn runs lazily through it too. I have a thing for water :)

  3. Wow, that looks just like Chester. Now I have to go Google to see exactly where Shropshire is in relation. Once of these days I'm going to make it back to England. I love it over there.

  4. Leah--it isn't far from Chester at all. Chester is north about 50 miles. Very similar areas. And very pretty.