Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Carina Press Launch... SALOME AT SUNRISE by Inez Kelley

I'm off to Port Alberni today (78 km of gravel logging road each way) so don' t know when I'll be back. In my absence please welcome Inez Kelley from Carina Press to my blog.  Let's hear it for Inez and birds!!! I love birds.
Bird Brain

When I think of shifters, I have certain… expectations. I want power and sexiness and animal prowess—felines, wolves, massive strong animals with razor sharp teeth.

What I got was a bird. Oh, and not just any bird either. *ALL* of them. 

In Salome at Sunrise, Salome is a spell, an enchantment called to bring peace to Bryton’s tortured heart. She is a windsinger and a bird shifter. Ooookay. What the crap is massive and powerful about a bird? I mean, sure, if you are a deer mouse or a rabbit, birds are terrifying. But in general birds aren’t menacing unless they are in a multitude(Hitchcock’s The Birds for example).

But Salome insisted on sprouting feathers: owl feathers, falcon feathers, eagle feathers, raven feathers, wren feathers. A wren? Seriously? A wren?

Yep. A wren. *sigh* A tiny little wren and a peacemaker? Alright, I figured she was some meek little goody-goody who would be easy to handle.

*chomp chomp* That is me eating crow. 

I researched the birds Salome shifted into and let me tell you one thing, I will NEVER look at a bird the same way. Peregrine falcons are the fastest animal ON EARTH with diving speeds of over 230 miles an hour! The eagles mating dive? OMG, talk about risky sex! An eagle has enough strength to carry a small child, a HUMAN child! Their talons can slice leather like hot butter. Blue Jays eat other baby birds (eww). Ravens are said to be the handmaidens of the devil in animal form. Pound for pound they might look sweet and light but birds are incredible fighters. 

Salome is a peacemaker but she is not all sugar and song. This chick (snerk) has a temper like Mt. St. Helen. She is a windsinger, drawing her power from nature. Do you know what happens when Mother Nature loses her temper? Think Katrina and Hugo and tornado alley. Packing that kind of muscle, Salome can wear any feathers she wants!

~Inez Kelley


  1. Birds are impressive and can be very fierce.

    I do find it interesting that you're eating crow...

  2. I laughed at eating crow too :) Harsh :)

  3. Nicely done, Inez. :)