Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Carina Press Launch...MISS MOLLY'S FOLLY by Alice Gaines.

Today I want to welcome Alice Gaines to my blog...

• Tell me a little about yourself

I’m an old grey-haired widow-woman. When I was a whippersnapper, we believed in “make love, not war.” That’s why I gravitate toward reading and writing romance, and the spicier the better. My book, Miss Foster’s Folly, isn’t erotic, but it’s spicy enough to singe your eyelids while you read.

• What genre do you write?
I write lots of genres, but my favourite is historical romance. I especially love the Victorian period. Everyone was oh so rigidly proper and alarmed by s-e-x, while underneath lay a powerful current of eroticism. This was the era of The Kama Sutra and The Pearl. All very naughty and delicious – great material.

• Is this the first story you've sold and, if so, how did you react when you found out you were going to be a launch author for Carina Press?
I love launches, and I’m so excited to be part of Carina’s launch! There’s so much excitement with new authors, new editors, and new covers. The staff at Carina have been wonderful, especially my wonderful editor, Jessica Schulte.

• Do you write to music or prefer silence?
Oddly, neither. I can’t stand silence, but music distracts me. In the summer, I sit outside to write and have birdsong and sounds from the neighbourhood to keep me company. When I’m indoors, the best noises for me are sports events on television. NFL football games and Nascar supply the best background sounds. (LOL--you'd do well in my house!!)

• Favorite band? Movie? Drink? Vacation?

Band: I’m so glad you asked! I live, eat, and drink Tower of Power. They’re a soul band who’ve been around for 42 years, and they keep getting better. Every two years, we have a fan get together and people come from all over the United States and Canada. When you love Tower of Power, no one else quite measures up. (New music to discover--I love it :))

Two movies: The 1950 English version of A Christmas Carol starring Alastair Sim and Harvey. (oh--I haven't seen Harvey--yet. Must check that out! Love the old Scrooge :))

Drink: Really good red wine, the kind I can’t afford. I bought a bottle of Beaulieu’s Tapestry by mistake one time. $35 at Costco. I almost swooned at the first sip.

Vacation: New Zealand (I'd love to go there...)

• Tell me a little about your Carina Press release...
Miss Foster’s Folly wrote itself. Once I’d thought up Juliet Fowler and David Winslow, the Marquis of Derrington, I let the two of them at each other and sat back with my keyboard to record what happened. She wants a fling, and he wants a wife. Neither of them are willing to give in until Derrington’s body gives him no choice in the matter. Still, he has plans for how to make her agree to marry him, and he has help from his eccentric grandmother.

Needless to say, it’s a Victorian (see above), and it’s full of spice, spice, spice.


Manhattan, 1886

Juliet Foster has just become the wealthiest spinster in town. Her domineering and thoroughly unpleasant father has died and left her millions. She’s free to be her own woman and seek a life of adventure.

David Winslow, Marquess of Derrington, is in search of a wife who can break the Winslow Curse. Every second-generation heir inherits a restless, defiant nature that can only be tamed by a mate as independent and rebellious as himself.

Miss Juliet Foster is perfect—and eager for seduction. But when he wants more than a few nights of passion, Juliet runs like the devil’s on her heels. Can the marquess convince her that marriage isn’t a trap, but the greatest freedom of all?

Thanks so much for being here today, Alice, and good luck with your release!


  1. Hi Alice, good luck with your release, I love the setup. And LOL about buying the expensive wine by mistake, I did that once (with chardonnay) and was too embarrased at the paypoint to say "Oops, that price was labelled wrong" - problem was, I developed a taste for that particular wine and it's cost me a lot of bucks ever since :)

  2. Toni,

    Thanks for hosting me!


    I still have a bottle of that expensive wine at home for very special occasions. I almost fell off my chair when I took the first sip.