Monday, June 07, 2010

Carina Press Launch...OVERNIGHT by E.C. Sheedy

Today is the day when Carina Press opens its doors and releases some amazing titles! All this month I am celebrating the launch of Carina Press with fellow authors by doing a little blog swapping and hopping. One author I'm really excited to welcome, and can't wait to read is EC Sheedy.

Here's what she has to say...

It’s really great to be on Toni’s blog—extra special in that we both write romantic suspense, and both of us have eBooks coming out from the fabulous “digital-first” Carina Press in June. But I have to say that I have no idea where the world-traveling Toni finds the time or place to write. While having coffee somewhere along Hadrian’s Wall, maybe? An intimate café in Italy? Just reading about all the places she’s been makes me insanely jealous. (All of them are such intriguing settings for her future books.)

But as busy as Toni is, she found the time to give me some prompts to write this blog—this because I’ve never blogged before. Read tons of them. Commented on another ton or two, but never actually blogged all by my lonesome before. So into the breach, I leap.
I write romantic suspense under the name EC Sheedy. Why I chose this genre remains a mystery to me. I can only attribute it to my dark and devious mind—and the fact that I love writing villains. Strange and bizarre villains. The darker, weirder and more menacing the bad guy is the happier I am. (That, plus I love putting my heroes and heroines through a good bit of hell before they claim their place in love’s heaven. Hey, if love’s easy, it’s just no fun.) Right now I’m working on a couple of villains, the first is one of Hell’s angels—literally—who comes to earth to claim a vulnerable woman on the cusp of making the first truly bad decision of her life, and the second is a scarred, lonely outcast of an elite crime family, who, when he isn’t killing people, reads romance novels and putters among the petunias. In my June Carina Press book, OVERNIGHT, my villain is a seriously nasty and dangerous teenage bully who’s both cruel and unhinged.

Writing is a joy most of the time and a pain in the A**some of the time. The latter when it doesn’t go well, and you have to do it anyway. But what has been an all-time joy is writing for Carina Press. They are a fabulous team, and they’ve brought a great group of writers together. In contemporary romantic suspense, they have Kelly Lynn Parra, CRIMINAL INSTINCTS, Marie Force, FATAL AFFAIR, and of course, Toni Anderson, SEA OF SUSPICION. I have to admit I’m a relatively new to e-reading disciple—got a Sony eReader for my last birthday and I’m loving it! So I’ll be on download overload at Carina throughout June. Writers are always readers first and writers second. It just seems to be the natural order of things.

One of the questions Toni asked was how I reacted when I learned I was going to be part of Carina’s June launch. Yes, excited! Yes, stressed. (Gotta get the work done!) And yes, grateful, because launches are so special, to the publisher, the writer, and the reader. Everybody wants everything to be as good as it can be. Perfect, if that were possible. So yes, to being a bit intimidated, too. I’ve had books published the traditional way, but this is my first time being published strictly digital, so I had no idea how the process worked, whether the writing required anything my print books didn’t have, and what about all the cyber promo? How was that going to work? Well . . . I never did get all the answers, so like every writer worried about all the forces outside his/her control, I finally decided to simply sit myself down and write the best book I could—and light a candle.

Ultimately it is the reader who decides whether a book hits a wall or sits on a shelf. A lot of power there. I respect it.
Thanks for having me, Toni!

EC Sheedy

Thank YOU, EC! You did a great job for a blog virgin :) LOL at my lifestyle, 'world-traveling Toni' is a little weary right now!


  1. EC--thanks for being here. Sorry I wasn't around earlier. I had a job interview. Just when you think life can't get any crazier--

    Thanks so much for being here. Must go download this for my own delectation :)

  2. It was a great day! And thanks for having me, Toni. But a job interview on the day your book goes up on Carina Press's live site? I'm not sure how I'd feel about that, if it were me. :-) But good luck!