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Carina Press launch...THE PRICE OF FREEDOM by Jenny Schwartz

Today's Guest Blogger is...Jenny Schwartz! Welcome, Jenny, thanks for being here.

I love visiting other people's blogs. Thanks for having me over, Toni.
I live in Perth, Western Australia, which means I'm about half a day ahead of most people I chat with online. The problem with that is I'm all coffee'd up and raring to go when they're thinking of sleep, and vice versa. So if you post a comment and I don't instantly respond, I'm not snubbing you. Chances are I'm snoozing--yes, despite what you've heard, authors do need sleep:)
Okay, now what devilish questions has Toni prepared?

What genre do you write in?
I write romance, contemporary and paranormal. I've dabbled with a historical cosy mystery and I have an urban fantasy novel on the backburner. My short stories range even wider, into science fiction, fantasy, literary and horror (although I seldom read horror myself, seeing as how I'm a coward cursed...uh, blessed?...with a vivid imagination).
I also write poetry, which is a great way to scrape the inside of your mind and find out what's growing there.

Is this the first story you've sold and, if so, how did you react when you found out you were going to be a launch author for Carina Press?
From my giddy joy you'd think The Price of Freedom is the first story I've sold. It's not, but I'm delighted to be a launch author with Carina Press. There are so many great people and fabulous stories. Being part of Carina Press is a wonderful experience, not least because of friendships made.

Do you write to music or prefer silence? I need music else the silence drives me crackers.
If I can have silence, I'll choose that every time. But sometimes I have to block out the real world's noisy intrusion, then I'll plug in the iPod. I find it's best not to listen to something I can sing along to--save that for the car and long traffic light stops--otherwise I end by typing the words of the current song.

Favorite band? Movie? Drink? Vacation?
When I'm writing, the ritual is fair trade coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and sometimes a hot chocolate treat towards evening. I make the hot chocolate by heating full cream milk on the stove, adding cocoa powder, vanilla essence, sugar and cinnamon. Yum.
As you can see, I have a hard time choosing a favourite anything. I like everything!

What's unique about your stories?
Romance and laughter aren't unique to my writing, but I'm passionate about taking readers on a journey. I think every great story is a quest. A romance novel is a quest for hope, trust and love. Excitement, suspense and sensuality are part of that journey.

Tell me a little about your Carina Press release...
I love talking about The Price of Freedom. It's a paranormal romance novella. I've borrowed from the romantic traditions of Arabia, so for my djinni Rafe think desert sheikh with angel powers. Mischa is an awesome guardian angel and defender of the Middle East peace process. Here's the blurb:

Duty will bring them together—and tear them apart!

As a guardian angel, Mischa must protect the one man who may be able to bring about lasting peace to the Middle East. As a djinni, Rafe must fulfill the wishes of a terrorist leader. Their duties colliding, Mischa and Rafe become foes, but the heat between them is undeniable.

When the terrorist learns that a guardian angel stands between him and his greatest wish, he orders his djinni to remove her. Taking creative license, Rafe spirits her away to his private oasis, where she will be unable to protect the peacemaker.

Beyond their mutual desire, they find common ground in honor and loneliness. Passion quickly grows into love. But it’s soon clear to Rafe that love cannot be bound, and Mischa must be true to her life’s purpose. Even if Rafe must sacrifice his own taste of freedom to grant hers…

And who can resist a sneak peak?

“You’re interfering,” the stranger said beside her. He stood on nothing, with the skill of an angel, keeping pace with the aircraft’s glide. His robes stirred in a wind of his own choosing, revealing then veiling his face.
Mischa looked away, up to the plane she carried. “Interference is what I do.”
If the stranger was no man, what was he?
Time flicked over to the third second.
“Are you a demon?”
“My father was.” He stretched out a hand and stroked her face.
His fingers played like flame against her skin, calling desire in a bewildering surge of feeling. She turned her head away.
“I give you my name.” He slid his fingers into her hair, twisted and gripped. He forced her to face him. “I am Rafe.”
“Let me go.” She glared into his green eyes, defying the force of his answering fierceness. He wanted her to know him.
“Your name.”
Her mouth firmed, sealing shut.
The plane was gliding steadily with her assistance, but she’d have to land it soon—even a stretched second had limits. It would be easier without distraction.
“Go away.”
“Give me your name.” He let go of her hair, but the slide of his hand down her face and throat and over her breasts was no release.
Her breasts were high and taut from her upraised arms. They swelled under the slow, exploratory touch. Mischa kicked out.
Rafe sidestepped. “Tell me,” he said on a breath of laughter.
She hadn’t intended to amuse him. Rage fed on the unwanted burn of desire. If he’d been a Scotsman, she’d have set fire to his kilt. As it was…a wicked smile curved her mouth. Why not? Justice meant fighting fire with fire.
A wave of her hand, and his robes went up in flames.
Now, there was a good distraction. Pleased with herself, Mischa turned her attention back to the plane. She’d land it while the stranger beat out the flames of his clothing.
“If you wanted me naked, you should have said,” he purred by her ear.


Story sounds awesome.  Good luck with your release, Jenny!! 

I've had a wonderful time visiting your blog, Toni. Thanks for inviting me :) Here are my links...


  1. Jenny, thanks so much for visiting. I enjoyed the interview :) and the book looks fabulous.

  2. The interview was fun. Thanks for hosting me, Toni :)

    and radically changing the subject,
    I'm obsessed with blog templates at the moment--your blog looks fantastic. I love the blue rippling water background. It's perfect for "Sea of Suspicion".

  3. Thank you, ma'am. :) I used the blogger design 'thingy.' Found all sorts of variations if you play around with it.