Friday, June 04, 2010

A little background to SEA OF SUSPICION

Having children changed me forever.  Experiencing that mother-child bond from the other side of the equation was a real eye-opener. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, but I don't love her as fiercely as a lioness loves her cubs. I love her in a warm and constant fashion. I didn't understand the difference until after I had my own kids.

So I built the storyline of SEA OF SUSPICION on the back of that emotional firestorm.

I'd always wanted to write a romantic mystery and I wanted to see if I could pull off a whodunnit with any degree of sophistication (you'll have to tell me the verdict BTW).  Plus, I'd always wanted to set a story at the Gatty Marine Lab where I'd completed my Ph.D.  That was a exciting time in my life, not least because that's where I met my husband, over a pH meter, back in the early nineties.

So I had the kernel of the plot, the setting and then the hero came to me almost fully formed and looking like Sean Bean.  Detective Inspector Nick Archer is a hard ass police detective.  And after years putting some of Britain's most dangerous criminals behind bars he's back in Scotland searching for his wife's killer. Perfect.  No problem.  Of course I hadn't counted on the heroine giving me trouble. Susie Cooper just started her dream job as a marine biology lecturer and the only thing missing from her life is having her own family. 

The hardest thing about writing Susie was she's so nice!  No one is that nice!  But it doesn't mean she doesn't harbor black secrets.  I named Susie after my grandmother who also loved romances.  This might have been a little racy for her but...

So that's a little about the background of the story.  More coming up as the release day approaches (14 June!!!)

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