Friday, July 09, 2010

Carina Press... BETRAYED by Claire Robyns

Today--in a special author interview--I have fellow Brit Claire Robyns talking about her Carina Press release, BETRAYED. We both have stories set in Scotland, but Claire's is a gritty historical :)


Thanks for having me over, Toni. I’ve been loving your travelling posts and hope you’re super inspired now to write your next book!

I’m really excited to share a little about Betrayed, my medieval Scottish romance released from Carina Press. This is my debut book, so treble that release week jitters.

Two Feuding Families
Amber Jardin has no taste for the bitter feud started before her father’s banishment. But now that he’s passed, she’s had to return to Scotland and his barbaric people. After her bloodthirsty uncle kidnaps one of the family’s rivals, Amber is in turn captured by Krayne Johnstone, the enemy laird. Despite their enmity, their attraction is immediate—and unfortunate, as Amber has sworn to escape.

One Lusty Temptation

Krayne is amazed at the wildcat’s repeated attempts to flee. He should steel himself against her beguiling ways—yet with time, he is driven more witless with lust. When the ransom exchange fails and Krayne is left with Amber, he finds he cannot tolerate the thought of her with another man—and she cannot tolerate the thought of returning to her uncle’s home.

Will passion and love win out over mistrust and betrayal in time to prevent an all-out war?

You can read an excerpt at

I don’t have a fascinating job like, say, being a marine biologist J  I’m a software developer and have to save all my inspiration for the deep night once the kids are in bed and hubbie’s parked in front of a good dvd. Writing historical romance is a far cry from my high tech day world and I love immersing myself in the days of yonder.

Scotland has always fascinated me, now and then. Some places are so remote and rustic, it’s easy to imagine away the modern world and conjure up some hot lads in kilts!

Betrayed is not a sweet romance. Life in medieval Scotland was filled with strife, feuds, raiding, bloodshed and war. I like to believe that in between all of that, couples still managed to overcome all obstacles and fall in love. But I didn’t give Amber and Krayne an easy time of it, both these characters are flawed and I don’t always approve of their actions, but they are real people driven by vengeance, honour and desperation in barbaric times.

Oh, and there’s lots of fun too! I had the greatest time researching what those wayward Scots got up to.

Working with Carina Press has been wonderful, I couldn’t have dreamt up a better publisher if I’d plotted my publication story myself. I’ve always wanted to be published by Harlequin, and this might be a back door I’ve slipped through but it feels like a double-vaulted front door to me J I’ve read quite a few of the launch books (including Sea of  Suspicion) and I’m totally loving the quality and variety. Carina Press has quickly become my number one place to browse when I’m in the mood for a new book to read.

Well, thanks for listening to me ramble on about this and that, not sure I actually said much that made sense, but I sure had fun!


Thanks for being here, Claire.   Software developer sounds pretty cool too.  At least you don't smell like a fish :)

You can visit with Claire on her


  1. Thanks for having me here today, Toni :)

  2. Oops. This is my second attempt to comment. You might get a double entry from me.

    Claire, your story sounds lovely. I will download it to my shiny, new eReader. I understand writing late at night (or early in the morning) when the children are asleep and the house is quiet.

  3. Welcome, Claire!
    Susanna--I just see this one for now :) What ereader did you get, Susanna? Enquiring minds want to know :)

  4. Love scottish romances and I just got a Nook for my birthday..i'll have to check this one out : )

  5. Eleri--what a cool name you have :) The book looks great, doesn't it? I love Scottish romances too :)

  6. I think Carina is set to become a huge name in E-romance publishing Claire, so that's a pretty huge FRONT door you've walked through! Congratulations on being one of their launch authors.

  7. Sorry I'm so late with the replies... the time difference got me and I, um, went to bed :)

    Judy, don't you ever sleep? (Judy is from SA, working on a similar time zone to me) I really hope you're right and that Carina Press is at least successful enough to stick around - and I say this as a reader! I'm loving the "different" stories they're not afraid to take a risk on

  8. Susanna, thank you so much!
    What e-reader did you get? I just got my first e-reader this last week as well, a kindle. In the UK we don't have much choice, it's kindle or sony. But I'm loving my kindle so far as was relieved to see how easy it was to get my pdf books on.

  9. Thank you Eleri, I'm always delighted (and I probably shouldn't admit this, but amazed - my debut author status shows) when I receive such warm comments about Betrayed.

    I'm totally jealous about your nook. When I was looking around at e-readers, I contacted Barnes and Noble to see if they'd ship the Nook internationally, but they don't. At least not for now

  10. Toni, thanks again for having me around for a visit. Scotland rocks! At can I say yet again, just because it gets me everytime I see it, that Sea of Suspicion is one of the most gorgeous covers I've ever seen. (And the story lived up to my high expectations of the cover!)

  11. Thanks for being here, Claire. I love Sea of Suspicion--book of my heart :) And I have a new cover--just waiting to share. I think it is right up there with SOS and feel privileged it is mine. Betrayed looks like an awesome book. I'm planning on getting an ereader soon to enjoy the Carina titles.