Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting back to normal

The last two weeks have been the busiest I can remember--they've also been some of the saddest with almost everyone I know losing someone to cancer or tragedy. Reminds me to appreciate what I have, to take the time to enjoy the moment.

On a positive note I completed edits on STORM WARNING while emptying suitcases and unpacking the spare room where we put all our personal stuff when we had someone in the house. I mowed the meadow (can you see the wild rabbit?) actually I'd already mowed it once in that photo (it was a nightmare, so please think happy grass thoughts b/c it isn't looking great)
and I cleared the one main flowerbed and planted a few window boxes and pots...nothing to what we usually do but enough to satisfy my need for color.  I think the lack of color in the ice-drenched landscape, is what makes winter so long for me.
We need all the trees pruned (I've had two men comment on my 'beautiful elms' this week :), some taken down, the deck and fence pulled down and rebuilt, etc etc.  So much work to do (so much money! I'm considering selling a kidney).

The worse thing about being home? Turning at phantom noises. Reaching out to stroke a dog who isn't there. Opening the back door at night to let the dogs out. Looking for the bowl to put the scraps. Watching for my shadow.
Benn's such a hard act to follow.  The best dog ever. We all still cry and it's been 6 months--silly, and yet a tribute to such a dear, wonderful friend.
On the positive pet side we have two new additions to the family...Cliv and Jade, Leopard Geckos.  Very sweet pets actually.
So it's been a busy month--didn't even mention homeschooling, sorting photos from trip, setting up old computer for kids (in progress), shopping, cooking, plumbing, cleaning, catching up with friends.  Wow--did I say busy? Crazy is more like!

Next week I'm hoping to start writing again. That ache is clawing at me now.

How's your July so far?

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