Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm sitting here listening to Kix Brooks do the country music countdown and feel all the old threads of my life wrap around me with comfort and familiarity.  People keep asking me if we are settling back down to our Manitoba life but it seems like a weird question.  You don't need to settle into home, you just get there and even though we're surrounded by boxes and mess, it feels perfect. But coming home brings all the old worries to the fore again--living in an older house in this mammoth climate is always a challenge.  The garden, the trees, the car, the roof, the pipes, the windows, they all need constant attention.  The mosquitoes turn a day in the shade into a hypodermic picnic. It's wonderful to be back, but it's work :)  Thankfully I'm not afraid of work, although I would love to have just one day where I stretched out and let go of all lifes' worries. 

I guess I need to learn the art of zen, or win the lottery.  I'm curious--is it the homeowner thing that makes us always worry? Would we all be happier just renting???

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