Saturday, July 31, 2010

STORM WARNING finally done--Grad student puffin ecologist meets hardass DEA agent. :)

Last night at about 11pm I finished my Copy Edits for STORM WARNING and today after a couple of minor exchanges with my wonderful editor, Deb Nemeth, it is finally finished! 


What a journey this book has been. I started writing it, must be five/six years ago.  An early draft landed me an agent and we worked on the manuscript back and forth for two years until she was satisfied. Unfortunately, it was obvious by that time that our styles didn't mesh and we amicably parted company.  After I sold SEA OF SUSPICION to Carina Press my editor asked to see STORM WARNING which is set in the same locale as SEA OF SUSPICION (east coast of Scotland).  Carina Press offered me a second contract.  This was awesome news, but as I read through the manuscript I realized just how much of the original story I'd cut/mangled to please my agent.  I'd taken some of the best scenes (IMO) and bled them dry of any zap. It took a couple of revision suggestions from my editor and some solid editing time to reinsert some of the missing zap and figure out how to make the story stronger and better.  I think we got there. Whoot!!!

I grew up on tales of Daphne du Maurier and Mary Stewart with all their secret coves and windblown clifftops.  I wanted to use that sort of setting for a contemporary romance about a bird behaviorist (Thank YOU, Dr Jones!) and a DEA agent (the modern day antithesis of drug smugglers). Throw in a ghost story, childhood anx, hydrophobia (fear of water, not rabies, :)), and mix it all up with the process of two people falling in love. 

The story is set in Cellardyke & Anstruther where we revisited this spring.  I thought I'd share some snaps (old and new) that relate to the story. 

The harbor
Steps down to the beach (where we used to walk the dogs)
This is where the story opens...a rockpool on the beach
All along the beach are these doors in the seawall.  Women used to hang their washing on the beach (still do in places).
This is the inner harbor in Anstruther.  My hero takes a dive off this pier and he can't swim...
This world class chippy has a spot in the story--hmmm, now I'm hungry for fish n' chips :)

And the Anstruther lifeboat also features in the story. Sorry I can't go into more would ruin the story. And one of my favorite things about the story is the Isle of May where Sorcha Logan does her research...except my photos of that are all locked up on my external eGo portable hard drive that Windows 7 refuses to recognize (help!!!).  They are also on my website.

And I can't write this post without including the man who inspired the hero...really, I can't :) Eric :)

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