Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unveiling my new cover for STORM WARNING

Finally I can share the new cover for STORM WARNING due out with Carina Press later this year. I'm curious what this cover says to you? My daughter nailed it in one which amazed me :)


  1. It's mysterious and beautiful. Will it be a paranormal?
    I think CP's covers are fantastic!

  2. That is gorgeous - really beautiful!
    To me, it suggests romantic suspense with a Coastal setting.

  3. Wow, it's so lovely. I think this might be a story about finding inner strength. -Laura

  4. It's a stunning cover. Looks like "danger" to me.

  5. Aha! You pretty much all got it. It's a romantic suspense/stroke mystery with a ghostly twist. And Laura, it is also about finding inner strength--I guess that's the core of most good stories.

    Setting is coastal Scotland (like SEA OF SUSPICION) and the story features a lighthouse :) Frauke of Crocodesigns caught the atmosphere perfectly and, I agree, Carina covers rock!!