Monday, August 23, 2010

Keeping memories.

Right now this is probably my favorite picture from France (it changes frequently!!).  I played with it and overexposed the disappearing Eiffel Tower, but there's something about this bleached out, lop-sided scene that really speaks to me.
That steel structure is so instantly recognisable you don't need to see more than a fraction of it to know what you are looking at. I love it.

Currently I'm trying to decide what pictures to print out and frame from our trip.  I've got photographs from England, Scotland, France & Canada to sort through. Family pics and gorgeous landscapes/seascapes.  Too many to choose from but it's a good problem to have.  I've got to make some DVDs too, and also print out some keepers for the kids' albums and maybe even scrapbook our trip with all the ticket stubs etc.  Not like I don't have anything else to do (rolls eyes at self).

So what are you doing and what are you putting off?

I remember years ago in social studies my teacher telling me that the working week was going to get shorter in the future and everyone was going to have more leisure time.  What the heck happened to that, Mr Revel? Huh? Huh?    :)


  1. I love what you did with that shot. It's fantastic!

    I've got to get some photos printed soon too. It's just too easy to let them sit on the computer and while I see them as they download, etc., the kids and BH never do, so they are always surprised at the photographic evidence that resides on the hard drive.

    I've used Clark Color (US) before for pictures...they do a good job. I think I'm going to go with them to do up a memory book...150 pages with up to 15 photos/page starting at 9.99? It beats printing photos out individually and then having to place everything into an album!

    Sorry for the ramble! I REALLY like that picture of the kids! :)

  2. Thanks for the tip, M. I will investigate :)