Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Time is a funny thing. Last night it was baking hot and both boys (dad and son) decided to sleep downstairs to avoid the heat. Making up the sofabed this tiny babygrow fell out of the sheet and onto the floor. It was white with blue stars on it, age 18-24 months and it transported us both immediately back to when our kids were babies. I didn't keep much from babyhood. Some booties and hats (which they hardly ever kept on), but no clothes. It was funny to see how we both latched onto that little white vest. How its been coveted and stroked. The baby years seem to last forever and yet when they're gone they are really gone forever.

I'm so lucky to watch my kids grow up, to be a SAHM and be there when they need me. I feel like that dynamic might be changing :( --don't want it to but life doesn't always give us the choices we want.

Must do lottery again this week...we live in hope :) Or write that NYT Bestseller...I keep trying :)


  1. I'm trying the lottery / NYT bestseller route as well. Fingers crossed for both of us. :)

  2. I love that photo.
    Hubby and I will try and win the NZ one. :)

  3. Good luck, kelly!!!
    Shelley--I love that photo too :) And good luck down there (or up, depending :))

  4. My favourite photo from your trip abroad! So beautiful, just like your "babies"!

    I sometimes miss the baby years too, but it is great to have independence now.

    What an evolution families experience as everyone changes and grows. Having children/being a family definitely has a way of defining life!

    I also aspire to win the lottery. And I wouldn't turn down the NYT bestseller list either. ;)

    Hugs to you and yours!

  5. Gosh trying for the lottery must be catching!!! when does the next book come out. Ahh i love the new puppy, has there been much damage?

  6. Meretta--it is one of my favorites too :) And I agree about the baby years. I miss them but I wouldn't want them back :)

    kb--I was thinking of you today as we tried to build a lego helicopter :) Trying toi get the thank you cards written this week :) As you read SOS the next one is STORM WARNING tentative date of 11th Oct. I hope you like it :)

    And good luck to everyone on winning the lottery :)

  7. kb--I forgot. To my shame I took the puppy back. I couldn't deal with him and everything else at the time. We'll retink but after we've had some time to settle back in. Right now we are pet sitting Inc, dogs & guineapigs are our specialty!

  8. if the helicopter building was a success may-be that could be a lucrative line of work for some-one to keep us in the manner that we aspire to. Also what about the fabric design. I am living in hope that we have a new missoni in development