Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labour Day!

Happy Labour Day Weekend!!   Needless to say we have spent it hauling timber, building decks and ferrying kids from football to birthday party to BBQ to...whatever :)

After the guys built our amazing upper deck yesterday (I think we could sail to Europe on it) DH took them to the pub for a few beers and then I cleaned their clocks at poker.  Win:Win for me :)

All of a sudden it seems like summer is nearly over. The leaves are curling golden and crisp and starting to fall. The temperature is dropping closer to zero when all the summer plants wither and die and mark the end of this year's flowers. I hate the anticipation of winter in this extreme climate, it's worse than the reality of winter.

The kids go back to school on Wednesday so tomorrow will be the final preparations, gathering all those loose ends and tying them up. Making sure we have snacks and supplies for school lunches. Unfortunately I can't dive 100% into writing b/c I have some paid work to do (boo for the work, hurray for the money), but I'm getting some stuff done.

And in the spirit of writing it is Meet An Author Monday so check out some interesting authors on this blog hop :) Enjoy!!!

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  1. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Hi Toni, Deck looks great, well done to the workers