Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Looking forward to reading...

I just ordered the above books from Chapters plus a book and a CD for hubby's Christmas or birthday and they were all free.  Muwhahaha.  I love airmiles!!!  I confess I would have already have bought an ereader by now except I was told not to.  Now if I end up with a new jumper for Christmas I'm going to be pretty disappointed :)


  1. Anonymous1:30 pm

    I'm reading Blood On Silk right now and it's fantastic. I can't wait to get back to it and finish it!!!

    in Germany

  2. Life gets in the way sometimes!!!

  3. lol i have started dropping some ipad hints about an Ipad or a kindle too

  4. My hubby likes ipad. Not what I'd want for reader though :) I love hints. My hubby is a bit obtuse though b/c he loves making his own decisions and surprising me. He thinks this is good :)

  5. I love Air Miles too...have you downloaded the Air Miles Toolbar/Search engine? It's not as good as Google so I use it for mundane stuff or easy hits, but 50 searches = 5 Air Miles (up to 50 miles/month, I believe). Pretty soon that'll add up to free books!

    And I must catch up with Loreth! I feel bad that I didn't know that book was coming out! :(

  6. Airmile tool bar? Must look!