Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Writers' Police Academy

 The second day at the Writers' Police Academy started with a bang.  The Sheriff's Office and Guilford Technical Community College And Public Safety Training Academy, in Jamestown, N.C. staged a mock shooting and hostage situation where they deployed a tactical response team while we looked on. This bad guy (really a good guy) shot someone and then went into a classroom and took a hostage.  It happened scary fast.

 Kind of intimidating having all those guns pointed at you. And the baddy does a great dive when 'shot'.
Before the police check his health they cuff him and keep their guns on him. A police officer goes into the classroom makes everyone put their hands on their heads and wait.

The officer looking in our direction has a twinkle in his eye :)  He's the same officer who locked me in the back of the squad car the day before--with great enthusiasm I may add :D
 A quick pulse check and then (very handsome) EMTs come in to test for a heart beat on the monitor.  
 The pretend bad guy is pretend dead. They put paper cups over shell casings and evidence.
The police don't take their guns off the gunman the whole time and the victims have to keep their hands on their heads and are not assumed to be innocent.  I'd pee my pants.
These are all the photos I could get from my view from the floor.  The adrenaline was flowing and it was all very intense.  This was a great experience and as close to a hostage situation as I ever want to get.


  1. yeah one of the EMTs looks like the guy from Chuck. Ha i wish i were there.

  2. Joanna, you would have loved it!

  3. I thought the other EMT looked like Jake Guyllenhall. . . yummy!

    I've thought about attending WPA and your posts inspire me to seriously look into attending the next one.


  4. They actually killed him?.. I don't believe this..

  5. Online Job board--you sound like a spammer in shock :)

    'The pretend bad guy is pretend dead.'

  6. FUN! In a pretend kind of way, of course!