Friday, October 15, 2010

SEA OF SUSPICION an audiobook

I'm thrilled to annouce that SEA OF SUSPICION narrated by Chloe Campbell is now available to download from

I am ridiculously excited.  Again :)


Review of ebook:
"Deeply atmospheric and filled with twists and turns, Sea of Suspicion kept me flying eagerly through the pages. Just when I thought I'd figured things out, the author would switch them up on me. That quality, plus the steamy chemistry between the lead characters, drew me further and further into the book."
All About Romance.  Read whole review here.


  1. FABULOUS! Now I can listen to it, too! Do you get royalties through Audible, though? I want to make sure you do before I download...

  2. Yes, I get royalties, M :) Thanks for asking and not assuming I spend my life writing just for the *glory* LOL.