Monday, October 04, 2010

SEA OF SUSPICION is going audio

I heard last week that chose SEA OF SUSPICION for production as an audiobook.  I'm so excited but know nothing else yet.  I haven't heard it and I'm very curious as to how they handle multiple accents etc. 

My weekend was annoying and frustrating (on top of being glorious and productive).  I've been trying to make a photobook of our 6 month sabbatical and noticed Clarke Color (recommended by my friend Meretta) had a 50% of offer that ends tomorrow. I must have put in 10 hours trying to squeeze 6 months of adventure into those pages.  And it looks fabulous but I'm still only on the Normandy Beaches and haven't touched England, Scotland or Canada's west coast yet.  Sigh.  So tonnes done but really irritated I'm not going to get it done in time for the 50% off.  However, maybe it'll be done in time for the next 50% offer. LOL. 

Apart from that I wrote, weeded the garden, sanded and painted window frames, did the laundry and ate.  We watched THE GOONIES with daughter's sleepover friends, DH & I watched the original CAPE FEAR with Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum (both actors are brilliant) and caught our family favourite THE AMAZING RACE last night. 

Should have been blogging about the Writers' Police Academy and setting up promo for STORM WARNING which is released next week but I spent the time uploading photographs.  I messed up my 'realistic expectation mindset' and ended up frustrated.  You'd think by now I'd know better, huh?

How was your weekend?


  1. weekend was so bad I have blocked it from my memory. Looking forward to your next writers police academy post and good luck with the photobook

  2. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Loved the Police academy posts.

    My weekend was me relaxing and nursing a bad cold.

    Got some bad news on Sunday. My husband's sister passed. It was expected, but not so quickly.

    Oh well....

    in Germany

  3. Valerie--that's so sad. So sorry. :(
    I hope the cold gets better soon.

    Joanna--really? That bad? I hope the week improves.

  4. An audiobook?! Toni, this just gets more and more exciting! I can't wait to have someone read to me one of your stories. :-) Yay, you! And boy, this is a small community. I keep running into you, Joanna. :-) I also submitted something for the medical fast track--with no luck--and I've "seen" you on subcare. Nice to see you again! :-) I hope your writing is going well!

    And Toni, I envy your police academy experience. Good for you! Glad you're back home, safe and sound.