Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some picture locations for STORM WARNING.

This is the rock pool where Sorcha finds the body...and these are the rocks she has to clamber across to try to rescue him.
Here's the award-winning, world famous chippy that features in the story. See all those people digging into their chips!

This is Anstruther harbor where Sorcha moors her boat and Ben gets a nasty surprise.
The Isle of May where Sorcha studies her puffins...and Ben battles his hydrophobia.
This was our house in Anstruther, where in STORM WARNING Sorcha's aunt, uncle and cousin now live.

Below is the cool tranquil harbor of Cellardyke--one of the most gorgeous spots on earth.


  1. Great pictures for the story! They look beautiful but some, um, a little scary....

  2. Great pixs! Some of them really reminded me of Halifax.