Friday, November 05, 2010

Birth of a plot

I spent the last 2 days working some kinks out of a plot line and then charted the basic story. I use different colors for different character point of views and post-its so I can move scenes around.  And even looking at the storyboard now I can see I'm missing major hero POV moments in the climax of the book.  This isn't the finished version :) It's not only a 'work-in'progress' but the story tends to fill out as I go along (thank God).Funny but when DH gets home from work and asks me how I got on, I always feel guilty if I've been plotting and researching. I'm a goal oriented person so collecting thoughts and images seems like playtime rather than work, but I spent much of this year trying to work without this process (we were on the move so much and whiteboards/space for post-its was lacking) and feel like I failed big time on my own work goals.

I've yet to work out the exact progression of the romance, but I know my characters (finally) and even have some faces to pin on them.

And I even have a location. The Wakhan Corridor.
So--here goes. My aim is a first draft by Christmas. I also have to edit ICEBREAKER again after some expert feedback--really looking forward to that.  I have 2 other book ideas firmly shelved in storage.  One set in Scotland, the other in Canada.  I greatly appreciate the hero suggestions.
Kids home. Must find earplugs and work.

Have a wonderful weekend. My only plans involve a rake, and not the thrilling variety.  What about you?


  1. love your character lookalikes

  2. I love getting visuals of my characters! Yours look great!