Thursday, November 25, 2010

Guest Blogger: Deanna Jewel

Welcome everyone! We’re on location among the ancient petroglyphs in Whiskey Basin, Dubois Wyoming, with time travel romance author, Deanna Jewel. This area is where her story takes place and where Kate touches the petroglyphs to be pulled back in time to meet her soul mate, but it certainly doesn’t start out like that! Grab a mug of hot cocoa or coffee and there’s Irish Crème to add for those who want extra warmth in their drinks. Keep an eye out for the big horned sheep that roam this area – they are beautiful creatures!
DJ: Toni, thank you so much for inviting your readers to join me. I’m so glad severl of you chose to stop in and check out my novel, Never Surrender. The drinks are plentiful so you all stay warm and there are blankets for everyone!

TA:  Deanna, we’re glad to have you join us! How did you come to use Whiskey Basin as the setting for your novel?

DJ:  My brother lived here back in the late ‘90’s and when I visited, two characters popped into my head and wouldn’t let me rest until I wrote their story. When I came to this basin and saw the petroglyphs, I just knew then that a time travel novel is what had to be written. I’m told by readers that it makes them feel like they’re right here when they read the novel.

TA:  What type of research did you do for the area and the Shoshone Nation?

DJ:  I couldn’t get enough information in my hands or read fast enough. I wanted to be true to the Native Americans who lived here then and now and I hope I’ve done that. I wanted to portray their lives as close to what it might have been like. Their way of life back then wasn’t easy but they are a proud people and stick together to help each other. 

TA:  As authors, we all have different ways we write. Tell us about the writing of Never Surrender.

DJ:  I wish all my books were as easy to write as Never Surrender. As I did the research and learned more with every bit of information I found, the characters and their story unfolded like a movie in my head. I wrote what I saw, what I heard, what the characters felt. The characters wrote Never Surrender and I hope that their story comes to life for every reader. I’d love to hear from those who have read my story. Comments can be left in my guestbooks, on my blog or leave a review at Amazon or B & N.

TA:  Are the characters based on particular people of Dubois?

DJ:  I can’t say that they are. I didn’t meet many people when we were there so only one of my characters is real. She used to own the Pony Espresso and her name is Prudy – thank you for allowing me to include you in my story, Prudy! The rest of the characters are figments of my imagination and that is pretty powerful! LOL

TA:  Let us into your world for a bit. What is a writing day like for you?

DJ:  When I wrote Never Surrender, it was a time when I was working so I wrote late at night after the kids were in bed or my mommy duties were done. I’d write until one or two in the morning then get up at six or seven for work and do it all again. Also back then I wasn’t working on my websites, covers, promo items and marketing like I am now.  Now, I have to struggle to make time or perhaps it’s called better time management! LOL I market and do email in the morning now and it seems like I’m on the computer 24/7 – marketing never stops if we want to be as many places on the net as possible. I also do my own web sites, schedule my own online interviews and public book signings along with helping my husband at the office once in a while. I guess I could easily say I don’t sleep much because I’m a night owl!

TA: Some of us plot out the story chapter by chapter. How do you plot your stories?

DJ:  I jot down a few basic things I want to happen in the story so I know the beginning, middle and end and maybe a few things in between but mostly I let my characters take it from there. I’m not, nor have I ever been, one who plots chapter by chapter. Perhaps I need to get a bit more organized. I’ve been looking into some of the writing programs so we’ll see.

TA:  How do you think you’re able to pull the reader into your story so they feel like one of your characters?

DJ:  I strive hard to write with all five senses. This is what makes the reader feel like they are one of the characters standing right next to my characters. You have to let them smell the city or the forest floor or the crackling fire; they have to feel the heart ache, the love, the need to be with someone they care about; they have to know what cold slimy things feel like or sharp protruding rocks in a stream or the heat of a sharp slap to a cheek. Write so the reader can relate to the characters.

TA:   Where can our readers find out more about you and your books?

DJ:  My books are available in print, eBook, iBook, PDF, etc and can be purchased from my website, Amazon, B & N, MobiPocket, etc. I have several contests going on right now and there are links on my website to those contests so our readers can hop over and enter the contests to win a copy of one of my novels, as well as find me at the links below. There are more links on my website as well:

TA:  You are also running a contest for this interview, correct?

DJ:  Yes I am! For those who leave a comment or ask a question, I will include them in the drawing for a chance to win a copy of Never Surrender, which will be the old cover, not the new orange dream catcher cover, sorry, but the story is still the same!

      Thank you to all who stopped by to read this interview and to those who graciously left comments for me. Visit my blog and find the character interviews I have posted there!

Thanks Deanna, for visiting my blog today!


  1. Hi to all who read the interview, I do appreciate it. I hope Never Surrender catches your eye and interest! For those wanting to have a chance to win a copy, please leave a comment or question for me.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I'll stop back in later to answer questions. Again, thank you for stopping in!

  2. Thanks for the great interview, Deanna. Peiople are all in eating their Thanksgiving turkey :) Happy Thanksgiving BTW :)

  3. Hi Deanna and Toni! I'd love to win a copy of Never Surrender. I've visited petroglyphs in another place (St.Victor, Sask.) and was fascinated. Your book sounds great.

  4. Tracy and Toni! Thanks for stopping in! Hope you had a great time with family and friends today!

  5. Congrats Deanna on never giving up your dream! We see so many others who juggled being a mom and finding time to write!!

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    I just finally got to read your interview and found it fascinating.

    The book looks like a good read too!!!

    in Germany