Thursday, November 18, 2010

Letters to Santa

Can you remember when you still believed in Santa Claus? It is one of those magical fantasies that children adore. Every year I hold my breath to see whether or not we'll pass the Santa test and every year, so far, our lies and manipulation have paid off.  There are plenty of kids in their classes who've moved beyond believing and that makes me sad. Grade 5 kids should still believe in Santa. One problem we have this year is the fact our son sealed the envelope before we got to read the letter.  Thought about steaming it open and decided that wasn't really in the spirit of Christmas so I'm going to wing it.  I still need to buy the 'secret' wrapping paper, the remnants of which get burned after we've wrapped the Santa presents.  Starting to get excited :)  If only I had a few elves to help with all the preparation...


  1. My boys are way past, believing but for years pretended they did so they would not hurt their dads feelings LOL

    My husband always wrote a note from Santa back to the kids, and sometimes he would put it in a different language and then tell the kids that Santa was so busy he must have forgot what language we speak LOL

  2. My other half emailed me his Amazon "wish list" for Christmas and it made me long for the days of "letters to Santa".
    My Dad used to put an Easter Seal on the envelope. He said if it was going to Santa Claus it was accepted by the post office as a real stamp.

    Do they even have Easter seals anymore? Did I just date myself? :)


  3. Julie S8:38 pm

    I agree, let them believe for as long as possible, though we have agreed that we'd be honest if they ask. Joe and Zac still believe in Santa, though I think Joe might suspect.... however, he's not game enough to say so, lol. If you don't believe you don't receive! You're very organised Toni, Christmas doesn't start in our house until school is over (8th December!), so letters are not written yet...

  4. Doris--that's sweet. Here the post office send a letter if you send it in time. It's pretty cool to see their faces when they get a letter from Santa :)

  5. Maureen--I haven't seen an Easter seal. Emailing an Amazon wishlist sounds fun :) Mine would be scary though!

  6. Julie--I forgot you are about to start the long summer holiday. I have to start early b/c of mailing back to the UK. Altho apparently I've already missed the land deadlines. Sheesh.

  7. Good post, Toni. I used to buy and hide special wrapping paper, too - and gift tags. One year, our 6 yr old asked if there really was a Santa. I didn't want to lie to her so I went on and on about the spirit of Santa. She interrupted me to ask, 'Yes, I know about the spirit of Santa, but what about the rest of him?' LOL

    Anita Mae.