Monday, November 15, 2010

My Grandad, 90 today!

Today my Grandad turns 90 years old. He was born in Liverpool--Rector Road. He's a little hard of hearing these days and it's hard to have a good conversation with him from 4000 miles away. I miss him so much! He tells the funniest stories, about the war. About dating a girl called Jean Anderson (my m-i-l's name) until he met and fell in love with my granny and how he had to go and tell Jean's dad that he was seeing someone else, and Jean's dad called him a rat and told him to get out :)  When my mom was born (1942) he'd already had his official leave but was granted 48 h to come and meet his newborn daughter. He said she cried the whole time and he was glad to get back to the war! He didn't see her again until 1946--imagine having a child and not seeing them grow up? The sacrifices were huge and not just for the men. My mom's an only child and I know he dotes on her.
When I was a little girl I'd often stay home with Grandad while everyone else went shopping. What they might not have realised is he would send me to the shop with a 50p or pound to buy him a Mars bar and I got to keep the change and spend it on as many sweets as I wanted.  It forged a bond of pure love between us ever since.  After my granny died he would often visit us, first in Ontario and then when we were back in Scotland.  Shropshire suits him though, with the occasional visit to his sister's in Liverpool. He's a little frail to make it out to Winnipeg so it was wonderful to see him back in May.  

Many Happy Returns of the Day, Grandad!


  1. oh that is so nice Toni, tell him happy birthday and he does not look 90 at all

  2. Happy Birthday Grandad (Anderson??)!!!
    I lived apart from my grandad for nearly 25 years so I know how it feels to not have him close by. Sadly he passed away late last year but I think about him often.
    Cherish the time you do have with him... especially his stories. Write them down if you can so you can tell your own grandchildren in years to come.

  3. Thank you, ladies :) He is pretty spry.

    Suzy--so sorry your grandad passed away last year. So sad. My granny was called Suzy BTW :) I think it's a lovely name but she hated it. I called the heroine in Sea of Suspicion Susie in her honor.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to your grandad, Toni!

  5. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Oh, he looks so happy and fit!!!

    Big congratulations to Grandad!!!

    in Germany