Friday, December 31, 2010


 (Another photo from 2010. I love it because I got so close to this creature with my little point and shoot and I got lucky with the focus because I'm sure my hands were shaking :)

I guess today is the time for a few thoughts about 2010. It was a spectacular year and in many ways I don't want it to end.
The first six months were pure adventure. Home to the UK for the first time in more than 3 years, seeing all the family, new babies and old faces :) Three months living in rural France: I think one of my fav things in France was actually trying to set up our disastrous and expensive internet service. I worked through the handbook with my little French dictionary and translated every word. We explored the rugged coastline and mystical hinterland. I saw Paris through the eyes of a mother and couldn't have been prouder of our two amazing children going to school and making new friends even though they missed their home and other friends (in Canada).
And then traversing the UK from one end to the other and back again cramming in as many visits as possible. It was exhausting and brilliant. We visited the Normandy Beaches (France), Stonehenge, Culloden, Edinburgh Castle, St. Andrews, Anstruther, Shrewsbury, Inverness, the Pennines, Hadrian's Wall, Loch Lomond, Cumbria, Ironbridge and many more places--we were so lucky to be able to do this although it wasn't easy trying to work at the same time. After that we flew back to Canada and the isolated but grand beauty of Vancouver Island. It took a little getting used to--that 75 km long logging road was a b***h--and the proximity to bears is not something I'd ever take for granted. But it was fun--even getting rescued by the coastguard was a thrill LOL. Seeing two writing buddies and Whistler, the summer after the Olympics. All monumental experiences. And then my epic trek back across Canada in our shuddering car with the kids and an amazing friend of mine who turned hell into happiness. Not many people have that gift--especially with me.
Coming home was another flurry of activity, unpacking the house mowing the two foot high lawn where bunnies hopped, getting back to 'normal.'
Family life was pretty exciting in 2010.

Writing wise--I managed to do edits on two full length manuscripts while on the road. Both stories were published as ebooks and audiobooks by Carina Press. That was huge. That was the high point publishing-wise. Agent-wise it's been a little frustrating. I have a full manuscript with two agents and another request for a partial of the same manuscript. That's good but the time lag is frustrating (it's been a year in one case). I understand why, I believe clients should always come first but it doesn't ease the waiting time. I've also been waiting on another submission to Harlequin Intrigue for about a year. The main problem there was it never arrived from France (the things that suck in France tend to be communication systems) and I had to resend in the summer after I checked up on the status.
I started one new project which I shelved early on and then concentrated on a different story set in a remote and mysterious part of Afghanistan (because that's what all the editors are buying. *rolls eyes.* Not). It's a romance based around an SAS soldier and a snow leopard biologist. I'm enjoying the story but making it as good on paper as it is in the vision in my head is an impossible task. I have other stories begging to be told but they'll have to wait.
In addition to everything else this year we became Canadian citizens. We welcomed a new dog into our home. DH built a fantastic deck. Not too shabby. There are changes pending in 2011 that I don't want to think about. Tonight we have a party to say 'Hello' to the new year in style. Hope you're somewhere celebrating too.  Stay safe and warm, don't do anything stupid, and make sure you kiss someone you love  at midnight.


  1. I do hope your agent issues work out because I'm really looking forward to more Toni Anderson books soon. Happy 2011!

  2. Ellie--thank you so much. That is super sweet of you :) The agent issue won't stop me publishing though. It just changes how I can develop my career.
    Happy 2011 right back atcha.

  3. Happy New Year, Toni! You certainly had an adventurous and full year. :) Thanks for sharing all the pictures for the last few posts. Beautiful!