Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

It's about time I came out of hibernation and posted a picture of Christmas morning. The day was a huge success with lots of presents, food and drink. I had asked my son's favorite thing about Christmas. He laughed and said presents. Then he thought carefully and said, "And the food. Not because of the food, but because God loves us enough for us to have it."
No idea where that came from but I thought it was a sweet sentiment. I guess he realizes how lucky we are and how little some families have. :(

DH bought me an eReader--which is awesome. I also got lots of print books so the world is all good and I don't know what to read first. 
Tomorrow we are hosting a big party with a live band. Not sure where Holly is going. Either in basement or to a friend's house. She's been great, even skiing with DH.
This morning we went for a FREEZING walk/ski on the golf course up the road. It was so cold (-34C windchill) that I actually ran lots.
Me. Running!
I'm not a big fan of New year but DH loves it and I love him. Wish me luck! Are you going out? Staying in? Excited? Depressed? Why is NY such an emotional time or is it just me?

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