Thursday, January 28, 2010

France so far...

22 days after walking into the France Telecom shop and setting up our internet account for our cottage in Brittany we are still not connected. Bah! Apparently they have to crawl backwards from Nice on their hands and knees to get here and there was a dash of snow that held them up. We are in a remote area--apparently. Twenty minutes drive from the center of a major city (rolls eyes).

Anyway, our drive down from Scotland to Portsmouth was a little fraught as the M6 was a nightmare, but the leg from Shropshire heralded a cold clear day and we made good time and even stopped off at Stonehenge enroute.

Our crossing from Portsmouth to St. Malo in the overnight ferry was divine. I would recommend taking that option to anyone, especially after all the upset with the chunnel over Christmas.

In Brittany, we are living in a remote (snort) tiny village that has about 12 houses, a church, a goat and an entire community of wandering dogs. The kids have named every single animal we see, including the 5 swans who live along the estuary. It really is beautiful and a bird lover's paradise. We've explored some of the north coast, Brest, Quimper, but have tonnes more to see. We're off to Paris on the 15th Feb for 5 days of fun.

The edits on OUT OF TEARS have gone back to my editor and I'm getting in some serious writing time.

So today I'm catching up with all things online and trying to get myself back into facebook.

France Telecom said 'demain' so wish me luck!!!