Friday, April 30, 2010

Carina Press Launch...

I can finally announce Carina Press will launch on the 7th June!  Some great launch prizes announced on their blog.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Highlands, Spey Bay

Ten days ago...Snow on the Highlands--Traveling up the A9 towards Keith.

We visited one of my very best friends who I hadn't seen in three and a half years. She took us to Spey Bay on the Moray Firth.

The rocks all glittered and sparkled. Not sure why but they looked like fairy rocks and were gorgeous. I tried to build an Inuksuk but it was a bit dodgy. Need more practice :)

Hadrian's Wall & Vindolanda

I've been in a bit of a whirlwind for the last few weeks.  Going to take me ages to get caught up but I'll post a few pictures with some of the highlights :)

We made it to Vindolanda pretty much by accident.   It is the site of an ancient Roman fort and town that is constantly being excavated mainly by supervised volunteers.  They reckon it'll take 200 years to dig the site completely.  Vindolanda is about half way along Hadrian's Wall and we picked the most perfect day to visit. 

Above is the drainage system built nearly 2000 years ago.  They had underfloor heating just like we do today.  And below are some grave markers.  Just incredible what survives.

Then we headed off to Steel Rigg on Hadrian's Wall. Can you see the wall stretching across the north of England to keep out the Picts?

Here's the 'tree in the gap' where they filmed Robin Hood with Morgan Freeman.  Not sure what he was doing all the way up here.  Must have been lost because Nottingham is south!

Here are the remains of the Roman fortifications atop the wall.  Very impressive feat considering the rugged landscape and difficult weather :)  Hope you enjoyed!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cover copy for SEA OF SUSPICION

Marine biologist Susie Cooper traded her life in America for a dream job on the rugged Scottish coast. Now all she lacks is the right man to start a family with. After their first meeting, she knows sexy Detective Inspector Nick Archer isn’t what she’s looking for. He’s the type of guy whose idea of commitment is staying the whole night.

Nick has returned to St. Andrews for one reason only—to fulfill his vow to find his wife’s killer. Relentless in his twelve-year quest for justice, he has no problem using Susie to get close to his primary suspect: her boss. But the passion between them smolders, and as it ignites, Nick finds himself torn between his past and his present—with Susie.
When one of her boss’s students is murdered, Nick’s investigation draws Susie into a web of madness and betrayal. They will have to learn to trust each other if they’re going to catch a killer…and come out of this alive.

 Coming from Carina Press in June 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Everything is a bit of a blur since last Wednesday when we left Mont St Michel. I haven't downloaded any photos and even if I had my mom doesn't remember her wi-fi access code so we'll stick with the basics here :) Enroute to Calais we went to see the Bayeux Tapestry, in the surprisingly unspolied (given its proximity to the Normandy Beaches) city of Bayeux.  The tapestry is something we learned about in school (way back :)) and is around a thousand years old and is believed to have been sewn by nuns in England.  It tells the story of the last successful invasion of England in 1066 by William the Conquerer who beat the wicked Harold at the Battle of Hastings.  Poor Harold had just fought against the Norgwegians but the tapestry failed to mention that. Anyway, the colors are vivid and embroidery is fantastic.  The interactive audio brings the whole thing to life.  Really enjoyed the museum. 
After that we headed for the ferry and were so early we managed to get one a few hours before our booked passage and I finally saw the white cliffs of Dover!  So we were in Ashford, Kent, by around 9 pm which was awesome.  We spent the next few days traveling around the south of England, which I've never done before without going into London (great friends and family we have!!).  We hit the Dartford Tunnel with a 'oh crap, it's a toll, where is the English money?' Followed by a prayer of 'please don't break down here!'
Now in Shropshire with nothing but fantastic weather.  Car is in the garage (please be fixed and happy again soon) and we are vegging with my family. The kids are playing with their cousins and I'm trying to store up another 3 years worth of memories. 

Hope everything is well with you :)

PS.  excuse typos as keyboard is sticky.