Friday, January 07, 2011


With a bit of luck my new dishwasher arrives tomorrow. It broke down on the 23rd December and was out of action for the 12 person Christmas meal and the 50+ people NY party. It hasn't been so bad but those 'bonding' moments DH mentioned about all those missed conversations around the kitchen sink failed to materialize.

It hasn't been such a big deal. I mean most of us grew up without a dishwasher, right? That's what you have kids for (or was that just my parents?).

My favorite dishwasher moment (aside from DH's misdemeanors last month) occurred about 10 years ago. My grandad was wondering what to get my mom for Christmas and I said 'Get her a dishwasher.' At that time she was feeding 6 people for every meal and that wasn't including us when we went to visit. My grandad looked at me and gave me a very wrinkled frown (think of the old guy in UP) and said, 'I don't think she wants one.'

Ha, bloody ha!

I persuaded him and she LOVED it. Ironically it was just after the dishwasher was installed that my dad started washing dishes. That has to be a man thing right? That sneering at technology after decades of watching someone else do the dishes? Don't tell him I said so :)

So fingers crossed for the next chapter of the dishwasher saga. Let's hope the plumbing goes a bit more smoothly than the un-plumbing.

And the picture of Ryan Reynolds? Well I bet he'd make an excellent dishwasher. And he's single again.


  1. I get my new washing machine today :)

    My friend has 3 kids and NEVER uses her dishwasher! GAH! I can't believe you did all that entertaining without one!

    My word verification is kenfixt (Kinda what my dh said when the washer broke--can fix it. RIGHT!)

  2. Good luck, Mary. I have one of those hubbys :) They are great when they can fix it, but sometimes...